C&C - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "The Ties That Bind JoJo" [4/8]

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    That's a major theme of JoJo: somehow Dio has some effect on the events of each arc.
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. Joseph always goes for tricking his opponents, but I was surprised with how he was able to trick Kars. It made sense once it was explained, but it showed how smart and cunning Joseph can be in a fight. Although, a part of me wonders how hardly anyone realizes that Joseph is tricking them until its too late, but that's just part of the fighting and suspense. Plus, the vampires tend to think that they always have the upper hand anyway.

    Smokey's desire to help Joseph would have meant a lot more if he was a more prominent character in this arc. I forgot about him completely until the previous episode. The backstory for Lisa Lisa was actually better than I thought it would be. I wondered if we ever see Joseph's father. It was still pretty intense to see him killed like that, even knowing ahead of time. I kind of loved how Lisa Lisa just ran right over to the vampire general and killed him in her grief. That was awesome and I kind of wish we could have seen that at least. I can understand why she'd have to be on the run after that, although I also wonder how the vampire was able to blend in that well considering he looked like he had scales. I can understand why they didn't tell Joseph the truth considering how the vampires have turn his grandmother so many times, as well as how he wouldn't really believe something like monsters around them as a child.

    However, there really wasn't a good reason to keep this a secret once Joseph went to train with Lisa Lisa. He was already familiar with Hamon and had been fighting off vampires, so it wasn't like he wouldn't believe their story. That would make him react over peeping on her in the bathroom and it does make Lisa Lisa leaving him to potentially die in the oil tower more questionable too, but it still seems like something that should have been revealed once he came to her, if not during his training. While it was a better explanation than I was expecting, it was still a bit on the contrived and stupid side of things.

    It figures that Kars was still alive and was able to get the stone on the mask to boot. That combined with the lights just made him more powerful. There are two episodes left, so they had to do something to make him more of an intimidating final villain. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.
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