C&C - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "Judgement, Part 2" [1/27]

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Nov 7, 2004
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Episode 48 was pretty sweet,

Poor Polnareff attacked by the Cherie Doll/Avdol Doll was pretty gruesome/brutal.

Cool to see Avdol who's alive, cool how he survived from Hol Horse:D.

Both Polnareff/Avdol easily destroying the Cherie Doll/Avdol Doll was awesome.

Avdol's awesomeness on easily crushing Cameo's Judgement with Magician's Red was awesome/satisfying.

Cameo a coward hiding of course, hehehe.

Awesome/funny of Avdol/Polnareff to drop spiders/mud to block his breathing, hehehe.

Avdol crushing Cameo was awesome/satisfying, the scumbag being fried like a Looney Tunes villain was funny, hahahahahaha:p.

Polnareff wanting to show Jotaro, Old Joseph, and Kakyoin that Avdol is alive was funny, hehehe.

Jotaro, Old Joseph, and Kakyoin already knew and keeping a secret to prevent the enemy from finding out, sorry Polnareff, he did got Kuwabara'd, hehehe:p.

Avdol was disguised as the father along with purchasing a submarine was sweet.


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Nov 9, 2016
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Avdol's back and his beatdown of Cameo was pretty cool. Apparently, there's more to him than the stoic serious guy (when we already have Jotaro and Kakyoin as the stoics and Joseph and Polnareffs as the hammy comic reliefs) as we see he can have a sadistic sense of humor. The humor for this stretch of episodes seems more sociopathic than the earlier episodes, I noticed. I'm hoping we get to learn more about Avdol now that he's back. Part 3 has the problem of spectacle over characterization and heart but it's still fun to watch.