C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "The 9th Universe's Kicking Basil Vs. The 7th Universe's Majin Buu!!" [9/15]

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Last Time: The Grand Minister drops the bombshell that the losers of the Tournament of Power will have their whole universe destroyed! On the bright side, the winner gets to make a wish using the Super Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, the Grand Minister also wants to hold a mini exhibition tournament between universes 7 and 9. Goku recruits Majin Buu and a reluctant Gohan, and the group heads off to the Grand Zeno's palace, where Majin Buu begins his fight against Basil, a fighter from Universe 9. Majin Buu is seemingly being dominated...

This Time: The first round of the exhibition heats up as Majin Buu and Basil begin to fight seriously. But can Buu win his first fight in ages?

NOTES: No spoilers, or Majin Buu will turn you into chocolate.


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Sep 11, 2009
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Previously on DBS: Goku recruits the strongest fighters in the universe, but has to settle for Gohan and Buu.

Basil, the most British name for a guy who isn't British.