C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "SOS From The Future! A Dark New Enemy Appears!!" [1/20]

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The Face of Evil & Epicness!!!!!
Nov 7, 2004
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Episode 47 was pretty awesome/intense/engaging, I'll enjoy the awesome Future Trunks/Goku Black arc dubbed,

Cool to see the awesome Future Trunks.

Great seeing Future Bulma, poor Future Bulma's death, she'll be missed, poor Future Trunks to lose another loved one after his friends:(.Both Future Bulma/Ponzu on the great female characters' death this Saturday, yikes.

Goku on farm work training was great/funny.

Love Future Mai, awesome hot female character, sweet dub voice, Future Mai a freedom fighter is awesome:D, poor Future Emperor Pilaf/Future Shuu if they died though.

Berus/Whis's information on Zeno was interesting, Zeno a real horrible unsympathetic genocidal monster like Frieza, the New Frieza on erasing universes, yikes:eek::ack:, but he's interesting.Akira Toriyama is a genius on creating horrible hateful vile unsympathetic anime villains.

Future Trunks/Future Mai to go to the present timeline was great.

Poor Future Mai, I think she survived that though.

Goku Black, my favorite great new horrible vile major villain next to Copy Vegeta, another evil doppelganger and another evil Goku twin after Turles, sweet, Future Trunks vs. Goku Black begins, intense cliffhanger.
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Ravioli, Ravioli
Aug 3, 2002
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Chiyo-chan's America
Could it be the Team Pilaf accidental-age-regression wish in the Trunks timeline prevented the Z-Senshi from using the Dragonballs to somehow save Goku from the heart disease?
Sadly, even if Team Pilaf didn't make that wish, I doubt the Dragon Balls would have stopped Goku from dying (as they can't revive anyone who died of natural causes).