C&C - Dragon Ball Super - "Hope!! Redux - Awaken In The Present, Trunks!" [1/27]

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Last Time: In the alternate timeline, Trunks is once again fighting for his life against a new opponent. Bulma creates a formula that will allow Trunks to travel back to Goku's timeline. Unfortunately, the mysterious villain kills her as Trunks escapes. Trunks meets up with Mai, but as the two head to the time-travel machine, they're once again intercepted by the villain, who kills Mai. As the dust clears, we see that the villain is - an evil Goku!

This Time: Trunks must fight with everything he has so that he can make to to Goku's time to get help.

NOTES: Tonight's episode is followed by a new Kai. Watch them both, and no spoilers.