C&C - DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters - "On A Roll! Buu-Buu-Volleyball!" [1/27]

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Mar 9, 2010
United States
Picking up where we last left off, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks fights Super Buu and the battle ends up destroying Kami's Lookout, much to Piccolo's horror (no doubt due to Kami and him becoming one again). Goku, Shin & Kibito watch the fight from the Planet of the Kais thanks to Old Kai's crystal ball while Old Kai continues the ritual to unlock Gohan's sleeping powers. Eventually, Super Buu completely destroys the Lookout when he wraps himself up like a ball but Gotenks traps him in a ball thanks to another of his wacky techniques and he decides to play a game with Piccolo that he decides to call "Buu-Buu Volleyball". This isn't enough to vanquish the demon and Gotenks starts too loose his temper, leading Piccolo to have to remind the Fused Saiyan not to be careless or else the Dragon Balls could be destroyed. The episode ends with Gotenks being unable to sustain the Super Saiyan 3 Form anymore and reverting back to his Normal Form.

Admittedly, there wasn't a whole lot to talk about here but the Buu-Buu Volleyball technique and Piccolo getting roped into playing it was pretty funny. Gotenks no longer being able to sustain Super Saiyan 3 indicates that the fight is almost over.


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Aug 18, 2011
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Why didn't we ever see the volleyball technique in the Budokai games? Gotenks is like Soul Eater's Black*Star minus the ability to actually finish a fight. Goten is cool, Trunks is cool, why is their combined form so annoying?

Piccolo, I thought you were the demon king? How come you're caring about the lookout's state?
Son of the Demon King. He's long past his villain days, not to mention he had kinship with Kami and by proxy Mr. Popo and Dende.
Does anyone think the plot is just spinning its wheels? Gotenks fights Buu; he thinks he's won; he's wrong; rinse and repeat.
A combination of Toriyama's writing and the Buu Saga of Kai not being as tightly streamlined as the prior sagas.