C&C - DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters - "Ace In The Hole! Transformation! Super Gotenks 3!" [1/20]

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Aug 18, 2011
United States of America
One reason why the Cell arc was so great was that even if the victims of Cell's carnage were easy to revive once he's defeated, most of the heroes would not be able to revived via the Dragon Balls due to them already dying once beforehand, and as such their death count was limited to just Princess Trunks (who could still be allowed to be revived by the Dragon Balls) and Goku (whose death was meant to complete the "passing the torch" moment to his son). Here, with this episode, it becomes apparent that Akira has ditched that restraint and is going all out in killing everyone. Honestly, while I'm not saying everyone must survive, things could have worked out better if only Bulma and Chi-Chi (and maybe Videl) were killed, as they are the ones that would push the young Saiyans over the edge in their fight with Buu (not to mention those characters are still on the "can be revived with the Earth Dragon Balls" list).
I can understand your grievances with the arc, but I find that going by your logic Dragon Ball Z kind of lost some of its urgency by the time the Namekian Dragon Balls were introduced. Any group of 9 fallen warriors can be revived within about 300 days' time (minus time needed to travel to New Namek). And I think people would take umbrage with just the women getting slayed.