C&C - Black Clover - "Blackout" [6/2]

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Sep 11, 2009
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Previously on Black Clover:

Nozel is confused about the lack of enemy strategy. Augustus Kira Clover XIII, the lazy and self-centred King of the Clover Kingdom, who is spending the battle safely with his mistresses in the castle, petulantly demands to know why the Wizard King is not there protecting him. Charmy Papittoson, a young Black Bull obsessed with food, sneaks into the palace kitchen so she can meet the royal chef. Asta cannot match Alfred’s speed so Fuegoleon steps in and burns Alfred to ash. Rades mocks Asta’s dream of becoming Wizard King using only Anti-magic. Fuegoleon is so impressed with Asta he decides to become his rival as well. He takes Asta’s place in the fight so Asta can recover. Rades reveals he used to be in the Purple Orca’s squad but was banished from the Clover Kingdom because his necromancy was considered unnatural. Fuegoleon attacks but Rades summons his strongest corpse, No. 1 Karl and hides behind Karl’s magic shield. Fuegoleon, being more experienced than Rades, blasts a fire bolt through the shields weakest point, destroying Karl and defeating Rades. The city begins to recover but a witch named Catherine flies overhead implying the battle is not over.

Tonight: While the masses were praising the Magic Knights for saving them, most of the Magic Knights present are swallowed up by a spatial magic spell known as Blackout.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Episode 24 was pretty sweet,

Nice of the people to praise Asta, Yuno, Noelle, Mimosa, Sol Marron, and Fuegoreon/Leopold who are the real best heroes:D.

The poor people to praise Alecdora, Charlotte, and the Silver Eagles: Nozel/Solid/Nebra who are scum/trash, horrible awful human beings.

The Blackout magic spell was pretty sweet/interesting.

Love the cute sadistic witch, great ruthless new villainess, her life draining power copies Mike Morningstar(Darkstar) and Ran's(Urusei Yatsura), sweet:D.

Yuno calling her an old hag was funny, like next to Rangiku/Ursula(Dinosaur King), hahahahaha.

Love Rades, the poor loser, his friends will be coming more stronger than Rades, interesting with the Diamond Kingdom villains to want to capture Fuegoreon.

Yuno vs. the cute witch was pretty sweet, cool to see Yuno's powerful forbidden magic power with the fairy Sylph:D, best new female character, the poor cute witch.

Fuegoreon getting transported and knows the mystery boss, poor Fuegoreon to be in fear though, interesting shocking cliffhanger.
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Nov 9, 2016
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Today we have a fight against a wicked witch who could turn people old (Wow. Now it's stealing from Howl's Moving Castle). Was that one super zombie that got roasted at the very beginning of this episode Oogie Boogie from the Nightmare before Christmas? Not much happened in this episode beyond Yuno getting a new super tornado power and easily defeating the wicked witch. Not really excited to find out who "Youuuuuuuuuuuuu" (you have to say that in Soulja Boy's voice) is. The villains in this show are still the least interesting aspect. Overall, like most of this show, not a bad episode but not great. That's what I can expect from this.


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Sep 11, 2009
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Oh, there's that fairy girl again.

See guys? She wasn't a cheap cop out after all!

"It's You!"

Oh, well aren't I just dying to know who it is. I guess I'll have to wait and find out next week, by golly.

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was okay. I was glad that Noelle and Leopold did team up to fight off that remaining zombie, but I was disappointed that it was done so quickly and that Noelle didn't do much beyond her shield. Even if all she can do is make shields at the moment, it would be more interesting if she was more creative with it, but the use of magic hasn't been that creative in the series either. It can look cool and flashy, but I wouldn't call it creative or unique.

While the witch's design makes her stand out, her motivation is the cliche old woman wants to look young again, which is just boring. At least Rades had more personal motivation to attack the capital and had more impressive/unique magic power. That being said, draining the magic power out of the citizens until they were dried up was still pretty harsh, especially when they just thought that they were saved from the zombie attacks.

Yuno was putting up a good fight against the witch and was able to dodge her attacks for awhile, but he started losing his sight and hearing pretty fast. I have mixed feelings on the fairy spirit coming to help him again. On one hand, at least it wasn't just to get them out of the dungeon, but I also hope that this doesn't mean Yuno already gained control of it. I think he mentioned to the Wizard King that he couldn't get the spell to work after that mission, but we didn't see him trying to work on it. Yeah, he isn't in Asta's Guild, so it would limit the amount of screentime he could get, but it still feels like a big show, don't tell problem. Plus, it wouldn't be the first time they introduced a problem only for it to be resolved in the same episode. That was exactly what happened with Luck and his teamwork issues. Maybe he still doesn't have full control over the fairy spirit, which would reduce my issues with this development at least a bit, but I still wouldn't be surprised if that problem has been resolved the moment it was brought up.

Fuegoleon being captured was unexpected and I am a bit curious as to who he met in that different place. Overall, it was an okay episode.