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    The Adventure Begins: Walt Disney Animation Japan, Jade Animation

    1: The Torque Armada: Wang Film Productions
    2: Gravitana: Wang Film Productions
    3: XL: Hana Animation Company
    4: Little Secrets: Sae Hahn Productions
    5: Inside Job: Wang Film Productions
    6: NOS-4-A2: Walt Disney Animation Japan, T2 Studio (digital staff), Studio Fuga (backgrounds)
    7: The Planet Destroyer: Hana Animation Company
    8: The Beasts of Karn: Wang Film Productions
    9: Tag Team: Sunwoo Animation
    10: The Main Event: Toon City
    11: The Return of XL: Jade Animation
    12: Strange Invasion: Sunwoo Animation
    13: The Taking of PC-7: Sun Min Co.
    14: Mindwarp: Wang Film Productions
    15: Mira's Wedding: Sunwoo Animation
    16: Panic on Baythos: Wang Film Productions
    17: Shiv Katall: Sun Min Co.
    18: Stress Test: Wang Film Productions
    19: A Zoo Out There: Jade Animation
    20: Root of Evil: Toon City
    21: Super Nova: Wang Film Productions
    22: Downloaded: Sunwoo Animation
    23: The Plasma Monster: Hana Animation Company
    24: The Crawling Flesh: Sunwoo Animation
    25: Dirty Work: Jade Animation
    26: The Slayer: Wang Film Productions
    27: The Lightyear Factor: Hana Animation Company
    28: Clone Rangers: Hana Animation Company
    29: Bunzel Fever: Wang Film Productions
    30: Devolutionaries: Sae Hahn Productions
    31: Head Case: Sun Min Co.
    32: The Yukari Imprint: Hana Animation Company
    33: The Shape Stealer: Hana Animation Company
    34: Star Crossed: Hana Animation Company
    35: Haunted Moon: Sun Min Co.
    36: Stranger Invasion: Toon City
    37: Eye of the Tempest: Toon City
    38: Revenge of the Monsters: Sae Hahn Productions
    39: Lone Wolf: Sun Min Co.
    40: Planet of the Lost: Sun Min Co.
    41: Revenge of the Raenoks: Sae Hahn Productions
    42: The Starthought: Hana Animation Company
    43: Millennial Bugs: Toon City
    44: Conspiracy: Hana Animation Company
    45: At Large on a Small Planet: Jade Animation
    46: Sunquake: Jade Animation
    47: First Missions: Sunwoo Animation
    48: Large Target: Toon City
    49: War and Peace and War: Jade Animation
    50: Lost in Time: Walt Disney Animation Japan, Studio Fuga (backgrounds)
    51: Rookie of the Year: Jade Animation
    52: Wirewolf: Jade Animation
    53: Rescue Mission: Toon City
    54: Star Smasher: Toon City
    55: Enemy Without a Face: Jade Animation
    56: Good Ol' Buzz: Sun Min Co.
    57: Return to Karn: Sae Hahn Productions
    58: Speed Trap: Sae Hahn Productions
    59: Holiday Time: Toon City
    60: Opposites Attract: Jade Animation
    61: Ancient Evil: Sunwoo Animation
    62: 42: Tama Production, Jade Animation (backgrounds)

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