"Birds of Prey" Pre-Release News & Discussion (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'DC Live-Action Movies and Television' started by Yojimbo, Jan 19, 2018.

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    In development with writer Christina Hodson. Margot Robbie is reportedly a big fan of the Birds of Prey comic books.
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    Well, happy as I am to see DC doing a Birds of Prey movie and building more on their bevy of female heroines/characters, there's so many DC movies supposedly in development that it'll probably be a while before we see anything more from this :sweat:.
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    Yeah seriously. At this point Marvel has realized pointlessly announcing movies they haven't definite plans to make is a waste of time and resources so when the MCU announces they are making a film, 90% chance it is coming down the pipelines. At best DC's got a... what 15% average at this point? For that matter why are they interested in all of these brand connections anyway? Harley Quinn is obviously a popular and magnetic enough character to star in a movie by herself. As proven in the endless comics made about her and now even getting her own animated series. So why attach her to all of these other ideas that either have terrible baggage attached to them (Suicide Squad 2) seem like they're forcing her into the concept (Birds of Prety) or aren't films people asked for (Joker vs Harley. I should point out people do want more of the backstory of her relationship with the Joker but they either want a movie of them being together or her alone, not one where they're constantly fighting), so I don't know why they're being made this way.

    That said if something good with the general brand can be done I'd be for it and it would be nice to have a super hero female team movie THAT WAS IT'S OWN THING. Seriously I appreciate female team up movies but I want less stuff like Ghostbusters 2016 (even if I'm one of the few people who really liked that movie) and Ocean's 8 and well, movies starring characters that aren't just doing a genderswap story or scenario previously seen before. Though yeah don't expect Warner Brothers to have this done for awhile with they're let's face it really shoddy track record.
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    It does strike me as odd that when Marvel announced a movie, I see it in theaters two or three years later, and that is almost never true for DC stuff. It's been like that for ages, and long before the DCEU, so I think there is something wrong with the entire company.

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