Are Cherami Leigh and Cricket Leigh related?

Discussion in 'The Voice Actors Appreciation Society' started by zoombie, Sep 1, 2016.

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    So are anime voice actress Cherami Leigh and mostly video games and commercial voice actress Cricket Leigh related?

    I never thought of it before, but I saw Cricket in a picture on Doug Walker's facebook and now I know what she looks like, and she looks enough like Cherami it is possible they are related.

    They have the same last name, but now that I think about it, both have unusual names that start with C, so coincidence, I tried to look up more information on IMDB, Cricket's IMDB does not list her birthday, so I have no idea how her age compares to Cherami's age.

    They are both voice actress, but very type of voices, Cricket is more deeper and perfect for commercial, I can't imagine doing anything like Cherami's trademark screams. If they are related, they never worked together to my knowledge, so that would be cool if that happened.

    Appreciate anyone's help, thank you.

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