Announcement: "Comic Book Culture" is back to being your home for Marvel and DC Comics!

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Shaking things up a bit
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Mar 22, 2002
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This has been back in effective for 24 hours or so, but this announcement thread is just to make it official:

1 or 2 (or 3) years back, we split off the DC Comics discussion and the Marvel Comics discussion, placing them in sub-forums in the "DC Entertainment" and "Marvel Entertainment" sections. While the "DC Animated", "Marvel Animated", "DC Live-Action" and "Marvel Live-Action" forums are still fine where they are located, it has been decided to re-merge all comic book discussion back to this, the "Comic Book Culture" forum.

After all, the "CBC" forum has a long history going back to around the early years of Toonzone (started in 2001, specifically), and this presents us a good chance to re-focus on all things "comic books", ranging from "Marvel" to "DC" and on to "Dark Horse", "Image", and every other Independent publisher! From retro titles to the latest issues on the stands, from TPB/graphic novel collections to digital comics discussion, this is the place to be!

Welcome back to "Comic Book Culture!"
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