Alvin finds out "The Alvin Show" isn't coming back

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    I got the idea after reading an old thread on the Muppet Central Forum involving skits of Sesame Street characters reacting to "Sesame Street Unpaved" being removed from Noggin, to their displeasure (the initial one was based off the "Goodbye Mr. Hooper" segment). So after watching some old "The Alvin Show" footage, I got an idea to do something similar with Alvin and the Chipmunks, learning that "The Alvin Show" had been taken off Nickelodeon in the mid-90s.

    (DISCLAIMER: The Chipmunks are the properties and trademarks of Bagdasarian Productions; this is simply a work of fan fiction. This story features the late 80s/90s versions of the Chipmunks and Dave Seville, as done by DiC Entertainment and Murakami-Wolf-Swenson.)

    (It’s a Sunday morning in January 1996 at the Seville residence, which is their big colonial-style house from the 80s series. The three chipmunks are sleeping in their bedroom. Then Alvin’s digital watch starts beeping at 7:28 AM…)

    Alvin: Oh boy, Sunday morning, and it’s almost 7:30! Time to watch my classic television program, “The Alvin Show!”

    (Alvin dashes out of bed. Simon and Theodore wake up.)

    Theodore: Oh… not again!

    Simon: (yawns) You know how vain Alvin is, always wanting to watch himself on TV. At least it’s our original series from the early 60s…

    Theodore: (giggles) That’s nice. Good times they were… (yawns and goes back to sleep)

    (In the living room, Alvin is all set with a big bowl of sugary cereal and milk, and he turns the TV on.)

    Alvin: Now, “The Alvin Show” airs on Nickelodeon. It’s great to relive these old memories when I was becoming a big recording star!

    (He switches the channel to Nickelodeon, only to find “Family Double Dare” airing.)

    Alvin: What? “Family Double Dare?!” This can’t be right! (checks the clock) It’s 7:30 in the morning. Where’s ME? I don’t want to watch some inane messy gooey game show! Ah, the TV Guide!

    (Alvin picks up the TV guide magazine from the coffee table and scans through it. He then gives a look of distraught.)

    Alvin: This… cannot be! No “Alvin Show” on Nickelodeon! No… (yelling skyward) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    (Alvin’s scream is so loud, it can be heard through the neighborhood, as flocks of birds go flying from the trees!)

    (Simon, Theodore and Dave run down into the living room in their pajamas, with Simon now wearing his glasses. Dave looks both tired and annoyed.)

    Dave: Alvin, it’s 7:30 in the morning. Why can’t you be quieter at this hour?

    Alvin: Sorry, Dave. I was trying to watch “The Alvin Show” on Nickelodeon, only it’s not on!

    Dave: (his expression changes) Oh, Alvin… I thought I told you. “The Alvin Show” isn’t on Nickelodeon anymore… it’s canceled.

    Alvin: CANCELED?! Are you serious? You mean, I can’t see all of us from over 30 years ago, back in the day when we were younger and fresh and starting out?!

    Dave: I’m sorry, Alvin. But “The Alvin Show” isn’t being rerun on TV anymore.

    Alvin: But… WHY?! Why would they not want to show ME? Well, the OLD me, that is.

    Simon: Well Alvin, from what I gathered, Nickelodeon sees that its’ target demographic is not interested in animated shows that are over fifteen years old, well, except for “Looney Tunes” and “Bullwinkle.” They had to remove older animated shows off the network, and not just “The Alvin Show,” but stuff like “Yogi Bear,” “Underdog,” the old Paramount and UPA cartoon shorts, “Batfink” and “Courageous Cat.”

    Alvin: Who cares about those other shows? I want ME!

    Simon: I don’t think it’s going to happen, Alvin. Nick is only mostly interested in showing fairly recent programming, including reruns of our Saturday morning series “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

    Alvin: Harrumph. They don’t even show all the episodes of that! And it’s not even that old. “The Alvin Show” was more special.

    Dave: I understand you’re upset, Alvin. But I am also upset about it too. Those old episodes are like home movies to us. We got to see some of our earliest performances and our vacations, and other memories. Along with people we don’t see anymore, like Clyde Crashcup.

    Alvin: Ah, Clyde Crashcup. One of the greatest inventors!

    Simon: (rolls his eyes) Not really. He usually would try to invent things that already existed. But he was such a great scientist anyways. What’s he doing nowadays?

    Dave: Clyde’s with NASA. He’s up in the space station Mir right now.

    Theodore: And what about his assistant, Leonardo?

    Simon: (laughs) I forgot all about Leonardo! I think he was the true genius, not Clyde. He never said much, though.

    Dave: Leonardo is doing well. He’s a professor at Stanford University, and works in the field of non-verbal communication.

    Alvin: That’s good to know. And remember Mrs. Frumpington?

    Dave: (facepalms) Oh, how could I ever forget her? She got on my nerves almost as bad as you fellas would!

    Simon: She always got our names wrong, and she was too melodramatic.

    Theodore: (giggles) Remember that trick we played on Mrs. Frumpington where we had her dancing and going wild, and she had to be taken to the crazy house?

    (Dave and the Chipmunks all laugh.)

    Alvin: Those were good times. I’m glad she’s not around anymore.

    Dave: Yeah, she’s still in a sanitarium somewhere. And you also remember Daisy Belle.

    Alvin: Oh, how could I forget Daisy Belle? She was pretty, but she sure had an attitude.

    Simon: Come now, Alvin. You thought she was cute. (giggles)

    Theodore: Yeah! Remember when you played “knight and princess” with her? (laughs)

    Alvin: Knock it off, guys! Besides, she’s not my type. I like Brittany.

    Simon: Hey Dave, remember that kooky big-nosed guy, Sam Valiant?

    Dave: (laughs) Of course! He was always causing trouble with us. It was bad enough that you fellas misbehaved a lot more back then, but Sam Valiant would often make things ten times worse! (chuckles) Those were the days.

    Alvin: And now they’re gone forever…

    Dave: Don’t worry, Alvin. I have all the episodes on videotape, so we can watch them whenever we want. We even have our song numbers Nickelodeon didn’t air.

    Alvin: It won’t be the same.

    Dave: You’re right, Alvin. It may not be the same with our original series no longer airing on TV, but we can all be happy that we had a chance to watch it, and enjoy it when it was on the air.

    Theodore: And it won’t be the same without those people around, like Clyde Crashcup and Sam Valiant.

    Simon: And like Dave said, we have them on tape.

    Dave: We all feel sad about it, Alvin. We just didn’t really talk about it until this morning.

    Alvin: (sighs) I guess you’re right.

    Dave: Well, I’m going back to my room. I’m going to try and sleep in.

    Alvin: You go. I already have some of the cereal in my system, so that’s waking me up quite a bit.

    Simon: Come on, Theodore. Let’s make breakfast. Hey Alvin, are you going to try and watch one of our old “Alvin Show” episodes on tape?

    Alvin: (cooly) Naw, not this morning. I’m just going to flip through channels and see what else is on.

    (Simon and Theodore look at each other, smile and shrug.)


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