A spell of jealousy (Tales of Riverdale fan-fiction)

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    With Halloween less than three weeks away as I write, our next story stays in Riverdale, but with a long forgotten character who was last seen just going into high school just three years ago. Bearing this in mind, you won't see Sabrina or the Archies in this next tale. In fact, this is set a few years into the future. All characters are copyright Archie Comics save for new characters created for this story.

    Chapter 1:

    It was the first day of school, and Amanda Clifton was running late. Her car wouldn't start, and she had just missed a city bus that would've gotten her to Riverdale High in time for homeroom. Not good form for a transfer student from Salem High entering her junior year.

    "This simply will not do.", she thought to herself. Luckily, one of her neighbors, George Halliday, was taking his daughter, Jinx, to school, and offered Amanda a ride. Jinx had befriended Amanda over the summer after Amanda and her father arrived in town.

    "Thank you so much, Mr. Halliday.", Amanda said. "I owe you a debt of gratitude."

    "Think nothing of it, Amanda.", Jinx piped in. "If you ever need help, just call us."

    "I have to take my car to the garage this afternoon. Once that's repaired, I'll give you a ride some morning, Jinx, to return the favor."

    Matthew Clifton watched as his daughter left with the Hallidays.

    "She doesn't know she doesn't need anyone to repair the car. She doesn't know what she is yet.", he thought to himself.
    Meanwhile, another transfer student, Stacy Weathers, had arrived on time, as her parents had bought a house two blocks from the school, so she had no such worries about transportation. Upon arriving, she met with Principal Waldo Weatherbee and guidance counselor Gerald Hoffman.

    "According to your transcript, Ms. Weathers, you only need three credits to graduate.", Hoffman said. "We can arrange a half-day schedule for you if you like."

    "I appreciate the offer, Mr. Hoffman, but I'd rather take on a full slate like everyone else. Can't be too careful, and those extra classes could come in handy come exam time at the end of the season.", Stacy replied.

    "A great attitude to have!", Weatherbee exclaimed. "Let me show you to your homeroom."
    Stacy, Jinx, & Amanda all tried out for the cheerleading team. New coach Samantha Powers was impressed with all three, but only had two spots to fill. Or so she thought.

    "The final roster will be announced prior to the home opener on Friday night.", she said.

    Riverdale was supposed to have its football opener vs. Clark Corners the previous weekend, but Clark Corners' field was being renovated due to a water main break two weeks earlier, and the game was postponed, rescheduled for October 21, the bye week before the playoffs. That allowed Coach Powers time to fully assess her new team.

    However, on September 8, at the end of classes, Amanda and Jinx returned to their lockers, only to discover that someone had broken into Amanda's locker, and left some strange markings on the door. Weatherbee looked at the markings and frowned.

    "What is all this?", he inquired.

    "I wish I knew, sir.", Amanda replied as she surveyed the damage done. "Three of my textbooks have been stolen, and my jacket, too."

    "Amanda?", Rusty Davis called. "I found your books & jacket on the roof."

    "Now who would put them there?"

    "The same miscreant who marked up your locker door, I'd imagine.", Weatherbee sniffed. "I'll have Svenson clean up the door ASAP."

    Just then, Stacy came over and reported that her locker had been ransacked as well. She recognized the markings and said the same were on her locker door.

    "Did you have anything stolen, Ms. Weathers?", Weatherbee asked.

    "Yes, sir. Three books and a backpack. Found them in a dumpster."

    "Seems we have something in common.", Amanda offered.

    "Aside from both of our lockers being vandalized, I'd have to disagree. Someone may have the same perception about both of us, but I'd venture they may only be half right."

    With that, Stacy turned on her heels and left.
    The next morning, Weatherbee returned to his office to find Matthew Clifton waiting for him, ahead of Amanda arriving.

    "My daughter doesn't know I'm here, and I'd rather she didn't know anything about this meeting.", he said.

    "She told you about the markings on her locker door?", Weatherbee asked.

    "Yes, she did. I told her I'd explain it to her at a more appropriate time, but I am aware that you've had some experience with the supernatural in the past."

    "I've had a witch here as a student in the past, Mr. Clifton, but she graduated a few years ago. I would surmise that you yourself would be a warlock?"

    "Very perceptive, Mr. Weatherbee. I'm well aware of the Spellman family's residency here in town, and I was hoping my Amanda would make their acquaintance. She could use a tutor, as she doesn't even know she does have powers, which have yet to manifest, and should have upon her 16th birthday."

    "It seems to me, Mr. Clifton, that Amanda may not be alone. Stacy Weathers was also a victim of these vandals."

    "Weathers, did you say?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "It certainly seems as though the vandals know more about these girls' heritages than the girls themselves do, or at least more than Amanda does. I am not so certain about this other one."

    "My staff is looking into who could have accessed the student database to obtain the information without authorization."

    "And it would avail you naught. Someone knows that both girls are or will be witches. Someone who had crossed paths with the Spellman women, and don't want any more of our kind in this city. I would suspect, sir, that the vandal or vandals are not current students, but operating covertly."

    "Well, Mr. Clifton, we could certainly use your help in this matter. We'll keep Amanda out of the loop if at all possible, for your sake."

    "In time, she'll become aware of what she is, and will be a valuable ally. I will lend a hand for now, and then, if you will, the baton will be passed."

    Clifton then teleported out. Weatherbee counted himself thankful that he now had a soundproof office.
    There are new witches in town, but how does Jinx fit in? We'll see in chapter 2.
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    Chapter 2:

    Later that afternoon, Weatherbee met with Stacy.

    "I could not help but notice that you & Amanda weren't getting along this morning.", he said. "Any past issues I should know about?"

    "None. It's really the first time she & I have crossed paths in five years. It just happens that she's also my cousin.", Stacy replied.

    "Hmmm, that would explain why both of you were targeted overnight. Someone seems to be familiar with your families, and isn't too fond of, ah....."

    "It's okay, Mr. Weatherbee, I'll say it for you. I'm a witch, and, even though she doesn't know, so is Amanda. I'm told you've had a witch here before."

    "Yes, Sabrina Spellman. Class of 2015. She's currently living in New York with her husband. Her aunts own the vegetarian restaurant about half a mile from here."

    "Oh, yes, the Victory Garden. My parents and I were there the other night for dinner. The food is fab."

    "Oh, I know that. My late wife and I were regulars there until about a year ago, when she passed away."

    "I'm so sorry, sir."

    "It's ok. I've gotten over it."

    "Do you think the Spellman sisters could help us?"

    "Yes, as a matter of fact, I think they can."
    Around 6:00, Weatherbee arrived at the Victory Garden. Hilda greeted him with a hug, as it had been less than a year since his last visit.

    "Please, Hilda, let's not stand on ceremony. Do you want people to get the wrong impression?"

    "Oh, sorry, but it's been so long. When I received your e-mail this morning, I talked it over with Zelda. We'll be glad to help you with the vandalism at school.", Hilda replied.

    "Thank you so much."

    Hilda led Weatherbee to a table near her office, and took his order. Once he was served, Hilda sat down across from him.

    "I've met both of the girls involved in this imbroglio.", she said. "The Weathers family was just here the other night, and everything seemed fine at the time."

    "I met with Matt Clifton, Amanda's father, this morning. He said Amanda's powers hadn't yet manifested, and she'll be 17 in January.", Weatherbee replied.

    "Hmmm, that's odd. That would suggest she would have powers similar to Sabrina's at that same age. I think what Matt didn't tell you is that he himself blocked the manifestation of Amanda's witchly powers."

    "I think I know why. He values her education very highly, and would rather wait until he felt she was really ready before letting the power manifest."

    "I think you're right. That does sound like Matt. Overprotective to a fault."

    Weatherbee reached into his pocket and pulled a picture of the markings found on the girls' lockers. Hilda recognized it immediately.

    "It's a warning sign.", she said. "Whomever put those markings on the lockers knows both girls are witches, and will go out of his way to not only expose them, but destroy them and their families. Matt may not like it, but he may have to cancel out the spell he placed on Amanda, and soon."
    Meanwhile, Amanda was on a date with Rusty as she awaited the athletic director's decision on her qualification for the cheerleading team. The couple watched as Riverdale won its delayed opener, defeating Park Central, 20-10. Rusty took Amanda home after the game, but just as they reached the Cliftons' door, he heard something close behind them.

    "Amanda! Get down!", he cried.

    The couple dropped to the sidewalk as an arrow whizzed by and landed on the door. Turning, Rusty saw the shooter flee the scene, and pulled out his camera phone. With it, he took a picture of the license plate as the getaway car sped off.

    "You okay?", he asked.

    "I'm fine, thanks.", Amanda replied as Rusty helped her up. "Not the best way to wrap a first date, but...."

    "No, it isn't. Soon as I reach home, I'm contacting the police."

    After a good-night kiss, Amanda walked in, only to find the house empty.

    "Dad? Are you home?", she called. "Dad?"

    Amanda then headed for the kitchen, and let out a scream.

    Matthew Clifton laid, drawn & quartered, on the kitchen table, dead. His throat had been slashed. That much Amanda could see. Without a moment's hesitation, she pulled out her cellphone and called the police.

    Fifteen minutes later, Riverdale Police Chief Robert Bolling arrived with chief investigator Doug Garrett and forensic artist Chuck Clayton, who had returned home to Riverdale when his comic book career fizzled out a year ago. Chuck comforted Amanda, as it had only been a couple of months since his father, Harry, a retired coach and physical education teacher, had passed away.

    At police headquarters, Amanda gave a statement, and was joined by Rusty, who came in with the photos that he had printed on his computer off the phone.

    "Near as I can figure,", he said, after Amanda tearfully filled him in on her father's death, "whomever killed Mr. Clifton waited to try to kill Amanda before leaving. I think it has to do with the vandalism at school yesterday."

    "You may be right about that, young man.", Bolling said. "Our forensics team will have results by tomorrow morning. We'll find the killer, because there's never been a cold case in Riverdale, and there never will be."
    Three days later, at Riverdale High, Amanda was approached by a roguish man who appeared to be in his 30's. He led her into a hallway between classes, and clamped his hand over her mouth before she could say anything.

    "Breathe one word of this meeting to anyone,", he said, "and your new boyfriend is next."

    At that moment, Jinx was headed for the same stairwell, so the man left. She could see Amanda was visibly shaken, but when she offered to help, Amanda rebuffed her.

    "I'm sorry, Jinx, but this is private business for now. I can't risk anyone else being endangered.", she said.
    So who's targeting Amanda and Stacy? With her father's death, Amanda will soon have her powers, but at what cost?
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    Chapter 3:

    The police scoured the campus looking for the intruder, but he was long gone. At 3:15, Victoria Weathers, Stacy's mother, arrived to pick up both girls. The funeral for Matt Clifton took place an hour later at Riverdale Public Cemetery. Jinx & Rusty went along to provide support for their new classmates, but were not allowed inside the sanctuary for the service.

    "I'm sorry, but this is really a private affair.", Victoria said. "I appreciate you coming out to provide support for Stacy and Amanda, but this is a family affair only."

    "We understand, Mrs. Weathers.", Rusty said, handing her a sympathy card. "I meant to give this to Amanda this morning, but never got the chance."

    "I'll see to it she gets it."
    Unbeknownst to anyone, the intruder stood outside the cemetery grounds, waiting for the girls to leave.

    "They need to be expunged before they can become more powerful than they already are.", he thought to himself. "They need to be exterminated."

    However, Victoria led the girls out a back exit, where her car awaited. An hour later, at the Weathers' house, Stacy had swapped her funeral dress for a black robe worn over her school clothes, and suggested that Amanda would follow suit. Reluctantly, Amanda complied, and, at Victoria's command, laid on a table set up in the basement. A few minutes later, Hilda, who had the night off from work, came by to assist Victoria.

    "Normally, I would turn you down, Hilda, but you offered to help us with this threat unbidden.", Victoria said. "It does require three of us mages to unlock Amanda's dormant powers."

    "Why does everyone think I'm a witch?". Amanda asked.

    "Your father, as a safeguard, held back the manifestation of your abilities until your 18th birthday, rather than your 16th.", Victoria explained. "That spell has been broken with your father's death, but we still need to unlock those abilities. That's why we're here."

    About 30 minutes later, Amanda was raised off the table by an unseen force as Victoria, Hilda, & Stacy continued to chant. Placed in a standing position, Amanda was lowered back to the table, and joined in the chanting. An eerie glow began to form around her, and the irises of her eyes vanished for a moment, as her eyes were filled with unearthly power. It just happened that there was a full moon in the sky. Instead of being a witch, Amanda was really a werewolf. Her attire was form-fitting, meaning it wouldn't shred once she changed.

    "You thought wrong, Aunt Victoria!!", she roared, barely able to speak. "You thought I was like you, but now I know why my father kept my powers dormant!"

    "Concentrate, Amanda!", Hilda cried. "You can control your inner beast!"

    "She's right, cousin!", Stacy added. "Uncle Matt never meant for you to be a killer!"

    Amanda dropped to all fours on the table, and relaxed. As she did, she reverted to her human form.

    "Now you know why there was a division between us.", Stacy said. "Uncle Matt thought you would be a witch, but instead, you have the mark of the pentagram, the sign of the werewolf. Your lycanthropy would've manifested at 16 if Uncle Matt didn't place the protective shield over you."

    "And all this time I thought you resented me because I wasn't a witch.", Amanda replied.

    "Truth be told, I believed the same thing, but now I understand. We're meant to be a team, this is true, but not the way either of us might've ever envisioned it."

    "But that odd man thinks both of us are witches."

    "There is a 2nd witch at Riverdale, but it isn't you, dear niece.", Victoria said.

    "Then, Mom, who is it?", Stacy asked.

    "I don't know."
    Three days later, after the full moon passed, Amanda & Stacy worked out together for the first time unsupervised, in the Weathers' basement. Victoria had purchased some old gym equipment for the girls to use.

    "Just remember what Mom said.", Stacy said. "Picture your werewolf self in your mind's eye, then change. Your leotards are treated with a special potion so they won't shred."

    Amanda closed her eyes for a moment. Seconds later, she turned into a werewolf. This time, however, she couldn't speak, as her throat had become extremely swollen, leaving her able to only growl.

    "We'll have to work on that.", Stacy mused.

    Silently, Amanda began kicking at the used heavy bag that hung in the basement. After an hour, she relaxed her concentration, and reverted to human.

    "I may be mute as a werewolf going forward, but my brain does function just the same.", she said.

    "You're not always going to be mute. It might just be that when you pictured the wolf in your mind, you forgot that you could talk in that form.", Stacy replied.

    "Any idea about who the other witch at school is?"

    "It's not a witch, but a warlock. Someone I think we've already met."
    At that moment, Jinx was with Rusty at the library. Jinx felt bad because she felt Rusty was cheating on Amanda with her.

    "It's not cheating.", Rusty insisted. "Look, I realize you're seeing someone else, Jinx, but I don't feel the same way about this. To me, this is business."


    "You'll see, Jinx. This is why I asked you to come along. Mandy needs help, and so does her cousin."
    Get the picture now? Jinx was never considered to have powers in her original adventures, but Rusty has his reasons for recruiting her. But there's also the matter of Riverdale needing a new mystic defender, and we'll see that in chapter 4.
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    Chapter 4:

    "I don't have powers!", Jinx exclaimed as Rusty explained the situation before them. "How can I help?"

    "I'm convinced there's something else going on involving Stacy & Amanda.", Rusty replied. "That old man that accosted both of them at school will stop at nothing until he kills them both, just like he killed Mandy's father."

    "Can you prove that, Rusty?"

    "Not now, but I aim to try."

    The next day, Rusty & Amanda had dinner together at the Melting Pot, which was formerly known as Pop's Place until Pop Tate retired and sold the building to Senator Kevin Keller, who rechristened the restaurant to reflect the cultural diversity of the city. Ginger Lopez was now the manager and head waitress, since Kevin was now based in Washington. Just before the couple left, the intruder entered and walked up to the counter to place an order. He never noticed Amanda leaving.

    "Close call.", she said as she & Rusty walked home. "There would've been a scene."

    "I realize that, Mandy.", Rusty replied, but we need to know a little more about that guy."
    Two hours later, Gerald Brizell found himself at the library poring through the same books that Jinx & Rusty had read the night before. He was convinced that Amanda was a witch, just like her cousin, but if he knew she was actually a werewolf.......

    "Only thing worse than a witch is a werewolf.", he mused as he checked a section on lycanthropy. "Those things have regained traction in our society thanks to those accursed books."

    Head librarian Connie Sefton had heard enough, and confronted Brizell.

    "The last time you were here, you demanded we remove all of the Harry Potter books from our shelves, and everything else having to do with the supernatural. I told you then, and I'm telling you now, we cater to all age groups and interests, and we will not bow to the demands of a demented, clueless philistine. Please leave."

    "Oh, I'll leave, but I'll be back, and this time, those books will be gone, I promise you that.", Brizell hissed as he departed.

    Connie then spoke to Nancy Clayton, Chuck's wife, who was volunteering as a reference librarian.

    "Do we still have the file on Mr. Brizell from 5 years ago, Nancy?"

    "Yes, we do, ma'am. Shall I call the police?"

    "No, not yet. He's one of these religious zealots who thinks he can decide what the kids can read. Eventually, he'll experience reality the hard way."

    "Yes, ma'am."
    Two days later, Amanda & Rusty were leaving the Riverdale Cineplex after a screening of a remake of "They Live". Brizell walked up behind Amanda and put a gun to her back.

    "See that car over there?", he asked, pointing to a black 2001 Saturn. "We're going for a ride."

    "Not in this lifetime, mister!", Rusty exclaimed. He thrust his elbow into Brizell's gut, forcing him to drop the gun. Before he could pick up his weapon again, Rusty kicked it across the parking lot, where a security officer happened to find it.

    "Why don't you leave my girlfriend alone, old timer?", Rusty asked indignantly. "She's done nothing to you!"

    "No, but it's what she can do that worries me."

    "And you're a small, insignificant minority, Gerald Brizell!"

    Brizell glanced up to find a new arrival, a face from the past, or so it would seem----Mystyk!

    "So the prodigal witch has come home!", Brizell exclaimed as he pulled out a second gun. "Let's see you stop a bullet!"

    "Not today, old man!", Rusty cried as he clamped his hand over Brizell's. Next instant, the gun vanished into thin air, only to return, transformed into a set of handcuffs, which Rusty quickly secured on Brizell as the guard arrived.

    "That was quick thinking, son.", the guard said. "I won't even ask how you managed that magic trick."

    "Thanks.", Rusty said. "I assume we have to give a statement to the police, so we'll wait for them."

    Amanda was in disbelief.

    "Rusty? You're a warlock?", she asked as the guard led Brizell away. They never noticed that Mystyk had left as quickly as she came.

    "'Fraid so, honey. Riverdale's never had a teen warlock before."

    "Then maybe you can help me with my little problem."
    Brizell was charged with aggravated stalking, attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, and two counts of murder in the first degree.

    A few days later, Rusty, Amanda, and Stacy met at the YWCA where Hilda joined them, but not for a workout.

    "You mentioned you believed that your werewolf form wasn't real.", Hilda said. "Do you still believe that, Amanda?"

    "Yes, I do."

    "Well, it happens that you're absolutely right. During our last session, I noticed a few, ah, anomalies, as if your lycanthropy had been projected onto you."

    "But how could you know?", Stacy asked.

    "There are things I've learned over time. As I have previously acknowledged, my niece was the original Mystyk, a persona she herself created. I felt that this city needed a new mystic champion, but then I found out that its new champions were already here."

    "Champions? Plural?", Amanda asked. "I don't get it."

    "Have you ever watched reruns of Charmed, with the family of witches who solved crimes?", Rusty put in. "That's the vibe I'm getting. The three of us are meant to have the power of three."

    "And you would be correct, Rusty.", Hilda said. "In the past, this town has had costumed crime fighters who didn't have magic powers, that is, until Mystyk came along. The witches' council, in their realm, deemed it necessary to bring the three of you together to fill the void created by my niece's departure from this area."

    "Then,", Amanda said, turning to Stacy, "it was you who donned the Mystyk costume."

    "No, silly goose, I wasn't there that night.", Stacy retorted.

    "She's right.", Rusty confessed. "I created that simulcrum of Mystyk to distract Brizell. "Stacy tried to don the costume, but it didn't respond to her. In fact, Ms. Spellman, if I may be so bold, I believe if Mystyk is to rise again, it's meant to be Amanda in the role?"

    "But what about me being a werewolf?", Amanda cried.

    She concentrated, and transformed. However, she lost focus, and couldn't speak, flying into a mindless rage. However, Rusty spotted the problem, and fired a mystic bolt, which caught Stacy unaware, knocking a pentagram cube out of her hand. Rusty & Hilda then destroyed the cube, restoring Amanda to her true form.

    "I sensed that your powers are further along than those of the girls.", Hilda said. "Fully trained, I suspect?"

    "Yes, Ms. Spellman.", Rusty replied.

    "Stacy, I don't understand. Why did you do this to me?", Amanda asked.

    "Simple, cousin. If anyone was going to be Mystyk, it was supposed to be me. I'm the one who blocked your powers, not your father. Uncle Matt paid a price he shouldn't have, I realize that now. The one thing he & I agreed on was that you were never going to be ready."

    "And so it comes down to jealousy, then.", Hilda said. "Even so, up until now you didn't realize that you weren't going to be alone. The three of you are to be a team, and it will take time for the team to jell, as long as you're willing to listen to me and/or my sister. We face a grave threat to our very existence, and I've been tasked to prepare the three of you for that very mission."

    "Deep down, Stacy, you care about Mandy as much as I do, but your ego wouldn't allow you to admit it.", Rusty said. "It comes down to the power of three after all."

    "You're the more mature one of us.", Stacy admitted. "You were the last one in the party, and you cracked the case with very few clues. That makes you the team leader."

    "As long as we agree that our responsibilities are to be shared, we will carry the fight, wherever it may be."

    "And so it shall be.", Hilda said as the four formed a circle and recited a simple incantation that brought them back to the Spellman house.
    The next day at Riverdale High, Amanda & Rusty were sharing lunch when Stacy joined them to apologize in full for her selfish behavior. By the end of the day, the three were in Amanda's new car, headed off toward Boston, as a report of a poltergeist in an old Bunker Hill church caught their attention.......
    We'll take our leave of Riverdale's new Mystic Three for now, but one day, they'll be back.

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