1980's Care Bears or My Little Pony

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Jan 23, 2007
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So of all the cartoons that came out of these franchises in the 1980's, the Care Bears and My Little Pony, which was better?

Well I say My Little Pony had the better specials, I mean Rescue at Midnight Castle is just great, Escape from Catrina still pretty good, while Land Without Feelings had same moments and catchy songs, the Freeze Machine special did take a drop in quality in my opinion. And the Nutcracker give or take, I think the most interesting part of it was having a young Tara Strong play a big role.

When it comes to the movies and TV series, I will give it to Care Bears. The first two Care Bears movie were pretty good, the third one was bad, as was the 1986 MLP movie, but this is all my opinion.

As of the TV series, My Little Pony and Friends were hit or miss, I did like the Moondreamers and Glo Friends cartoon, the DIC Care Bears hard to watch animation, though Professor Coldheart was a great villain, but the Nelvana Care Bears did take quality to another level, No Heart he is on Tirac's level of being an awesome villain, though the first season I liked better than the other ones because they started some of Care Bears in these 80's cloths and we got less No Heart who was a strengh of the show. So overall I say Care Bears.

So what do you think?