“Ancient History” on YTV Tonight (spoilers)

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by jlaking, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. jlaking

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    Jun 8, 2004
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    Tonight's episode will be written by Geoff Johns, the man who brought Hawkman back into the DCU.

    Also, don't forget that "Alive!" and "Destroyer" air back-to-back next week.
  2. Trevor Balena

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    Aug 6, 2002
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    I loved this one. I'll grant that it starts off a little paint-by-numbers, but the ancient Egypt stuff? Especially the end of it? Man.

    Also, I'm of the opinion that this episode contains some of the best acting of the entire series. Listen to Phil LaMarr or Maria Canals in any scene. Just listen to how nuanced those performances are.

    And that very last line of the episode just breaks my heart.
  3. dlb

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    Apr 30, 2005
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    Wow, this one goes on my JLU top five list. Great story, great animation, great acting, great twists, what's not to love?

    If I have one complaint it's that I was really hoping the John-Shayera story would be resolved once and for all. Yes, I know eventually they will get together again, but still seeing as how the show is ending some closure on its series long arc would have been nice. Frankly, I really don't see why it was left hanging like that. Okay, it could be argued that they're leaving the door open for future storylines (oh please:anime: ), but ultimatly we know where this one's going and it has been in something of a rut since season 4, so why not just finish it? But I will grant that John's reaction was totally in character.

    My slight disappointment by the end aside (well the fact that it was a well written and delivered scene didn't make it too disappointing), I have nothing but praise for AH. It managed to have exciting action, and mature dialoge, and great character development.

    I suspected that Hawkman and Shadowthief were linked somehow, based on their shared voice actor and the fact that Kater's eyes went black after he touched the obsorbacron (I know that's not spelled right!), but the way in which they were linked was surprising.

    The Egyptian flashback was the highlight of the episode, it was just beautifully told, acted, and animated. The evil preist may not have been Shadowthief, but based on his actions and the fact that he's voiced by Hector Elizondo I have a feeling that his reincarnation has appeared on JL/JLU in a similar capacity.

    In the end this episode was a great sendoff to Green Lantern and Shayera, and their story. It reminded me why I like these characters so much. Let's hope this is not the last we see of them.
  4. DisneyBoy

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    May 16, 2001
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    Hawkgirl began as a strange addition to the group and developped into a surprisingly complex individual, only to end up being bogged down by her complexities.

    Hawkman follows that same developmental path. At the start of the episode, I was like "You again - why should I care?", as he is, essentially, a repackaged version of an older character. Then when I got to the flashback sequence, I found myself impressed with the links the writer was making to not only the John/Shayera/Hawkman love triangle, but to Starcrossed as well. And here I was worried that DCAU history was being rewritten to accomodate this doppleganger. The episode's third act, however, dulled the impact of seeing Katar commit suicide to be with his murdered bride and best friend, by trying to up the dramatic ante with revelations, revelations, revelations! Shadow Thief is part of Katar's mind! No surprise there, given these two characters premiered in the same episode and were voiced by the same actor. But more than that, Katar suddenly decides to tell Shayera he's letting his obsession go. I didn't believe him, but I think that was the point. The story was about his love for her, after all, and that should have remained the focus. Instead, we're then forced to sit through more John and Shayera "are we/aren't we" packed with even more revelations. Shayera still loves John! John isn't sure he should tell her about their son! He tells her anyways! She's happy! He's sticking with Vixen! Shayera asks Batman about her son!

    I'm sorry...why did Warhawk have any place in this story? This was about Katar's view of things, as that was what brought him and Shadow Thief into the picture to begin with. Also, I've never noticed John being "awkward" around Shayera. If anything, they're always talking about their non-existant relationship when they're together, which has been often since her re-introduction in Wake the Dead.

    I can't tell if the creative team was trying to wrap things up between John and Shayera or further complicate them. By telling her about their kid only to remind her he's sticking with Vixen, John should have completely stabbed Shayera in the heart. I mean, they'd just seen themselves die together in a past life! You'd think that would bring them closer together, but no...John inexplicably brings up Warhawk (making me wonder whether it was even a good story idea to let him know in the first place instead of letting fans speculate) and then shoots down the relationship she wasn't even asking them to pick up on. And then Shayera quietly goes and asks Batman about her kid. Is she sad? Is she pissed? What's the emotion here? I couldn't read it, and maybe repeat viewings will help. Right now though, that last conversation came out of nowhere for me and really left me puzzled. Confessionals...

    What makes this episode a winner in my eyes is the fact that it humanizes a seemingly pathetic character (Katar) and validates his existance by including what had previously been established. I was pretty much set on hating this new Hawkman since H'ro had been so compactly and effectively characterized, but since they took the extra step of bringing back Kraagar's voice actor and tying it all together, I'll buy it. Goregous colors and nice music in that flashback.

    And is anyone else going to miss Shadow Thief? Hawkman's voice actor really did a good job on those dual roles. Too bad Vixen has been unfairly treated by both her "friends" since her wicked debut. I'll miss her, but I won't miss seeing her get thrown around and left out. Gina Torres did a killer job in this episode, but then again so did Phil Lemarr. For the longest time (don't ask how) I could only watch this episode up until the flashback horseriding scene because the dialogue would loop. And yet I still enjoyed the episode, even though I was only seeing half of it, because that fight sequence in the apartment was so tense and visceral. I was honestly worried for all of them. Home invasion is a really, really frightening thing.

    Overall, this episode gets three and a half stars from me. The animation poses were a little odd in some places (studio did action better than acting), but the acting was great and the script very good (until the end). It's easily one of the best episodes of the third season, keeping in mind that I didn't quite love the third season.

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