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The Rapping Winslows

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The Rapping Winslows
Mar 12, 2018 at 9:59 PM
Posted By JoeMabbon

"As a clone, did Stephan Urquelle have a birth cerficate or driver's license of his own? Am I to believe that he became a model in Paris without a passport? Or does Steve Urkel have high up government contacts that can arrange these things? Or perhaps he simply created an identity using Carl's police connection. It probably wouldn't be a huge matter for him to create a witness protection identity for Stephan. Not to mention Laura-Bot. A teenage boy built a robot of a man's daughter and everyone thought that was cute or funny or something. And then there's the matter of his cameos. If Steve Urkel went on Step by Step and Full House, how can Step by Step have special guest star John Stamos playing John Stamos star of Full House? Cody even mentions the show in an earlier episode "Video Mania" during his attempt to "fix" Karen's hickey. So now does that invalidate Hanging With Mr. Cooper's Place in Continuity, since it crossed over with Full House? Are all these supposed to be some sort of quantum reality? Hypertime or some shit like DC Comics? Urkel even cross over with Dinosaurs. Well, not exactly. On the crossover night where Urkel busted into other shows with his jetpack, they kind of matted him on the screen during one of the scene transitions. It wasn't really repeated during repeats, syndication, or home video releases. But the way these writers play fast and loose with the laws of quantum mechanics maybe there is a universe where Urkel jetpacked to an alternate universe where Dinosaurs are ******* evolved humanoid lizards. Then, CBS did the same thing with their ****** Urkel crossover night where he went on that low rent Mork and Mindy with Bronson Pinchot and...you guessed it...Step by Step. Only this time on Step by Step he just shows up for a second on the set of a commercial as a sight gag. Was that supposed to actually be Urkel? Is he in Wisconsin as a clapper for no reason? Oh yeah and I forgot when he crossed over with Boy Meets World and Sabrina and Clueless because all these weridos are penpals with Urkel. And if he crossed over with Sabrina the Teenaged Witch does that mean Urkel exists in the Archie Universe? Then theres the matter of Clueless moving to UPN where it crossed over with Moesha. So apparently Urkel exists in the same universe as the Parkers and Girlfrieds, too. Girlfriends was pretty good at first. You couldn't really tell because it was on UPN and called "Girlfirends" but it was actually pretty smart. I don't know why Kelsey Grammer is producing sitcoms starring black women, but whatever. That's another story. Steve Urkel is the worst. I hate that show. The idea that that thing lasted 9 years on the air is a travesty. I don't even care about making jokes anymore. Bury me alive for all I care." - Jay Leno

Music by Ronk:

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