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  • Batgirl and more get spotlight at NYCC

    Though DC Comics still has a dark side, many of the newer comics have a funner, lighter side, that fans are enjoying. From Batgir...y, each offer something new and different than the "standard" DC Comics fare. This titles got a panel...

    891 days ago

  • Milestone Universe Returns to DC Comics

    ...s have long been a part of the DC Comics universe, some, like Static S...been limited. At SDCC today, DC Comics announced that three of it's...dware, and Icon will return to DC Comics via a "return home" to the "D...inal Milestone, the new Milestone comics will likely feature both DC a...

    983 days ago

  • Seth Myers Talks Comics and Comedy

    At NYCC, late night host Seth Meyers chatted with fans about his comedy show and hte comics world in general. And he had a lot to say! You can read about the full panel here;

    892 days ago

  • Ambush Bug - The Unbelievable "Savior"

    Ambush Bug is easily one of the most obscure characters in the DC Comics universe. To date, he's only one TV show, and as a "reporter" during the early days of the New 52 comics as they "teased" upcoming iss...

    623 days ago

  • DC Writers And Artists Talk DC Core Titles

    At a special DC Comics panel at NYCC, Dan Didio, Jimmy Palmiotti, Greg Pak, David Walker, and more sat down to unveil more about their upcoming comics and what fans can expect from...

    892 days ago

  • Clayface

    ...nnett even helped him catch the new Clayface in order to do so. In the comics, Batman has often tried to cure Clayface, and in the new Detective Comics under the DC Rebirth banner,...

    648 days ago

  • Women of Marvel Panel Talks Female Led Comics In Marvel's Future

    ...o these books happened. You can read all about it here:

    891 days ago

  • Action Cat Returns Via Miniseries

    A brand new story from the classic Action Cat comic is coming. "Aw Yeah Comics: Action Cat" is bring a four...ant Action Cat and his sidekick Adventure Bug as they endeavor to bring comics to the good people of Skokie&...

    891 days ago

  • Dollmaker

    ...on in the New 52, as he was the first villain in the rebooted Detective Comics. In fact, The Dollmaker made...y and followers. There was a reason he was chosen to kick off Detective Comics in the New 52.

    832 days ago

  • Chewbacca Gets His Own Comic!

    The Star Wars comics have been a big hit for Marvel, and now, they're announcing a new limited s...d maybe bumping into some old acquaintances. Are you reading the Star Wars comics? If so, are you up for this o...

    984 days ago

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