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  • The Earth King

    After taking down the corrupt leader Long Feng, The Earth King was once again left to r...k for him. Sheltered for most of his life by Long Feng, Earth King Kuei has ver...uch in the TV series, as Ba Sing Se falls not long after Long Feng gets captured...

    620 days ago

  • All-Night Mask

    Another case of a mask doing a particular thing, after a rather long quest to get it, it's the All...ause there's a lady in Clock Town that'll tell you a long, LONG, story. Without the mas...

    742 days ago

  • Batman's Rogues Gallery Preview

    Batman is known for many things, but one that is particul...r in comic books, period. It's been built up over so long that most every character has...newer arrivals seem to make an impact and last for a long time. You can't talk about a...

    880 days ago

  • The Items of Legend of Zelda

    One of the hallmarks of Legend of Zelda is that items. Items that you collect over a long journey that'll help you defe...enemies, conquer obstacles, and more. Over the next long while, I'll be talking about...

    817 days ago

  • Greg Capullo Leaving Batman For A Bit After Issue #51

    "Greg is going to take a little break after issue #51," to be very short. He and I have known this for a long time. He's going to do a shor...o stay on 'Batman.' When you work with someone for a long time, the best thing about co...

    794 days ago

  • Zephiel - The Insane Heir

    Though very gifted as a child, and long believed to be the next ruler, Zephiel was doomed in many ways because...her Desmond, who did not want Zephiel to replace him. What began was a long and bloody affair of death an...

    758 days ago

  • Lekain - Head Of The Senate

    Every group needs a leader, and for the Senate of Begnion...discovered to be as corrupt as they come, playing a long-game in order to become the t...Though he was eventually taken down, his effects had long since been felt.

    706 days ago

  • Oracle - The Hacker

    Tragedy affects people in different ways. For Barbara Gor..., it changed her entirely. After being Batgirl for a long time, the Joker came in and r...ralyzed. Batgirl was done. But she didn't stay down long. Knowing she couldn't let Jok...

    600 days ago

  • Pokemon Go - No. 169 - Crobat

    "If this Pokémon is flying by fluttering only a pa...ind legs, it’s proof that It has been flying a long distance. It switches the wings it uses if it is tired." Crobat is one of a long string of Pokemon that are ex...

    156 days ago

  • Pokemon GO - No. 138- Omanyte

    "Omanyte is one of the ancient and long-since-extinct Pokémon that have been regenerated from fossils b...dvancements in technology. For in the games, if you find a fossil of a long extinct Pokemon, you can have...

    218 days ago

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