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  • Character Guide: Pac-Man

    Wakka wakka wakka wakka. Hey, Namco helped develop the fourth installment of Smash Bros. Honestly, who else should anyone have expecte...fore basic and humble origins, which means the Smash Bros crew...hout much in the way of post-move lag, and his smash...

    1098 days ago

  • Character Guide: Mario

    Unquestionably Nintendo's most iconic character since the days of Super Mario Bros, Mario has been a part of the Smash Bros s...ase when he appears with other characters in a Nintendo title, Mario represents a balanced character that's comfortable and welcom...devastating effect.  In Smash Bros...

    1100 days ago

  • Character Guide: Link

    The star of the storied The Legend of Zelda game series and one of the original 12 fighte...nds with Shulk for the most versatile swordsman on the Smash Bros...s a testament to the high degree of balance present in Smash Bros....

    1100 days ago

  • Character Guide: Lucario

    One of the most recognizable creatures from Nintendo's juggernaut Pokemon fr...being one of the most unique fighters in Smash Bros. This isn't so much because o...with it. Needless to say, this is not a chara...o is the coolest looking punching bag in Smash Bros....

    1098 days ago

  • Princess Zelda's Greatest Moment - Zelda is WHO?!?!

    In Ocarina of Time, a new character to the Legend of Zelda was added that would change the course of history. Shiek. A chara...and one that few saw coming. It was so beloved that in Super Smash Bros....

    967 days ago

  • Fierce Deity's Mask

    This. This Mask. This mask is what almost everyone who plays Majora's Mask w...get it, just to be that unstoppable boss character that you KNOW you want L...nd. It's a variation of Link's outfit in Smash Bros....people even wanted Fierce Deity Link IN Smash Bros....

    823 days ago

  • Hookshot/Clawshot

    Sometimes you need to get to an area that you can't reach, and you can't climb up it. When that happens in Lege...a must have in the inventory. Heck, it's even used as a grapple technique in Super Smash Bros!

    888 days ago

  • The Bow

    Often the best part about some of the items you'll get in Legend of Zelda is that they're common items in our can use. The bow is so associated with Link that its a standard move in Super Smash Bros....

    906 days ago

  • The Master Sword

    Ok, so before I talked about the many swords in Legend of Zelda. But there is one sword that trumps them all, iconic, that most fan art, or appearances by Link in non-LOZ games (like Super Smash Bros...

    913 days ago

  • Pokemon GO - No. 118 - Goldeen

    "Goldeen is a very beautiful Pokèmon with fins that billow elegantly in water. However, don't let your g...has to be in the water to fight. Certain titles make fun of this fact, like Super Smash Bros....

    353 days ago

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