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  • Character Guide: Link

    The star of the storied The Legend of Zelda game series and one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the most versatile swordsman on the Smash Bros roster. His weight and power are relatively average, but unlike his peers he has many tools for harassing opponents and keeping ...

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    1069 days ago

  • Character Guide: Mario

    Unquestionably Nintendo's most iconic character since the days of Super Mario Bros, Mario has been a part of the Smash Bros series from the start. As is often the case when he appears with other characters in a Nintendo title, Mario represents a balanced character that's comfortable and welcoming...

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    1069 days ago

  • The Battle Items of Smash Bros

    Ah, items. In Smash Bros some of these are just novelties, while others can potentially turn the side of a match. Now sure, you could turn them off. But that's boring, and in my view not really a more "hardcore" way to play the game. To the contrary, I think they add something to the game. Getti...

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    1066 days ago

  • Stage Guide: Skyloft

    Skyloft is one of multiple Zelda stages present in Super Smash Bros Wii U and the latest one to be created, drawing inspiration from Link's home in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In that game Skyloft basically functions as a hub for quests and shopping, an ideal place for the player to take ...

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    956 days ago

  • Stage Guide: Mushroom Kingdom U

    Drawing on New Super Bros U as its main source of inspiration, Mushroom Kingdom U is another stage in Smash Bros that transforms constantly throughout match. While the terrain changes are not too threatening in and of themselves, players do have one major annoyance to watch out for in the pesky N...

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    956 days ago

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