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  • Batgirl and more get spotlight at NYCC

    Though DC Comics still has a dark side, many of the newer comics have a funner, lighter side, that fans are enjoying. From Batgir...y, each offer something new and different than the "standard" DC Comics fare. This titles got a panel...

    981 days ago

  • Milestone Universe Returns to DC Comics

    Milestone characters have long been a part of the DC Comics universe, some, like Static Sh...en limited. At SDCC today, DC Comics announced that three of it', and Icon will return to DC Comics via a "return home" to the "D...l Milestone, the new Milestone comics will likely feature both DC a...

    1073 days ago

  • Morty Smith

    ...rtunate elephant in the room: Rick Sanchez. Rick constantly drags his grandson...-death experiences has forced Morty to kill or be killed. Morty i...;initiative is needed to hone Rick in when the situation gets dic...m to an extent. This has made Morty into a hardened veteran where...

    858 days ago

  • Evil Rick and Eyepatch Morty

    Status: One-Shot CharactersFirst Appearance: "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"Voice Actor: Justin Roil...creaming, eternally tormented Mortys. Because Ricks have a unique, traceable brai...l apologizes, sends the other Mortys home, and investigate the cr...cene. To their surprise, Evil Rick h...

    737 days ago

  • Dr. Wong

    Status: One-shot CharacterFirst Appearance: "Pickle Rick"Voice Actor: Susan Sarandon When Morty was caught peeing in class a...ll the blame on her children. Rick, still a pickle, later joined...ndition as a pickle. Though Morty and Summer wished to down and completely owning Rick w...

    219 days ago

  • The Council of Ricks

    Status: One-Shot Characters First Appearance: "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"Voice Actor: Justin Roil...ary for other Ricks and their Mortys. The leaders of the citadel are the Council of Ricks. They keep an eye on all the known Ricks and Mortys, helping them when needed an...

    745 days ago

  • Prince Nebulon and the Zigerions

    Status: One-Shot CharactersFirst Appearance: "M. Night Shaym-Ali...e clever jerk that he is, all Rick's ever given them was a facef...y created. It nearly captures Rick's hometown, but is just off e...frozen, and then escapes with Morty. The duo reach Rick's garage,...

    779 days ago

  • Seth Myers Talks Comics and Comedy

    At NYCC, late night host Seth Meyers chatted with fans about his comedy show and hte comics world in general. And he had a lot to say! You can read about the full panel here;

    982 days ago

  • "Fart"

    Status: One-Shot CharacterFirst Appearance: "Mortynight Run"Voice Actor: Jemain...e is still a glass half full, Morty tried to stop the notorious...quo;Fart” after hearing Rick spout the word. After Morty accidentally kills Michael, t...nformation, Gearhead rats out Rick and Morty to both the cops and...

    684 days ago

  • The President of the United States

    ..."showed them what they got." Rick and Morty teleports directly to the Pe...oard with whatever weird plan Rick has. Said plan involves Rick and Morty impressing the Cromulon by pe...he President remains Rick and Morty's staunchest supporter, even...President reunites Morty with Rick a...

    654 days ago

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