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  • Yuga

    In "A Link Between Worlds" we were introduced to the land of Lorule, which is a lite...Yuga is no less dangerous and conniving. As the citizens of Lorule, as well as Link and Zelda, quickly found out.

    896 days ago

  • General Onox

    ...full of himself, noting numerous times how strong he is, and how feeble Link is. But all expectations are...m the Dark World by Koume and Katake, the followers of Ganon. And though Link (if you're good enough) defea...

    904 days ago

  • My Top 5 Zelda Games, No.4 Skyward Sword

    ...t question, "How can it be possible that Zelda, Link, and Ganon exist in was going to be more story to both Zelda and Link this go round, I was thrilled...Then, when Zelda (inevitably) gets kidnapped, Link is now going to rescue a frie...

    962 days ago

  • The Ocarina of Time

    ...u're kind of important. Ironically, the birth of the Ocarina came via A Link To The Past, where a flute wa...The Ocarina was a treasure of the house of Zelda, and when bestowed onto Link, and played with certain melo...

    853 days ago

  • New Versions of DC/Vertigo TV Logos Sizzle Real!

    With DC's growing TV library, they're having to make more of their animated TV logos. Now, we have the video showing every single one that will air this fall, including Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl! Check it out via the link below!

    955 days ago

  • Beamos

    .... Beamos fit that perfectly. Beamos are pillars of stone (that are somehow alive, and sometimes have actual eyes...) that shoot powerful lasers at Link when they spot him. This real...

    716 days ago

  • The Quake Medallion

    The Quake Medallion is one of three medallions you can get in Link to the Past, and through it, you can not only shake the earth, but find hidden things you might not have expected....

    755 days ago

  • Leevers - The Sand Dwellers

    ...eared in all but two Legend of Zelda games. Leevers are simple creatures, as they live in the sand, or sometimes ground, and then spin up top when Link gets close. They then rush to...

    626 days ago

  • Ganondorf

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that Ganon has always been a strong warrior like man that has constantly harassed Link and Zelda throughout the timeline. But that's not exactly accura...

    914 days ago

  • New Fantastic Four Character Profile Videos Arrive!

    ...d to show off just what you can expect from these legendary characters, Fox released four video profiles about them! You can check them out via the link below. Fantastic Four arrive...

    957 days ago

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