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  • Steven Universe - Episode 53 "Full Disclosure"

    Ep. #53ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Mar. 13th, 2015SONG: Yes, "Full Disclosure"SYNOPSIS: Due to recent events, Steven...ved ones, but in doing so, deprieved Connie of her choice. I'm glad "Full Disclosure" emphasized her decisions are...

    189 days ago

  • Episode 5: The Spirit Of Competition

    The Pro-Bending Tournament is in full effect, and thanks to the backing of Hiroshi Sato, the Fire Ferrets are participating, they make full use of the opporunity, and pr...eating up in a different way. Mako and Asami are a full on co...

    615 days ago

  • Pokemon GO - No.35 - Clefairy

    "On every night of a full moon, groups of this Pokémon come out to play. When dawn arrives, the tired Clef...with the Earth, and they began to live here. This is "proven" by how during a full moon...

    529 days ago

  • Pokemon GO - No. 104 - Cubone

    "Cubone pines for the mother it will never see again. Seeing a likeness of its mother in the full moon, it cries. The stains on the skull the Pokémon wea...he pouch child of a Kangaskhan, because the skull looks like a full grown...

    385 days ago

  • Sokka - The Councilman

    Of the main Team Avatar members, Sokka is the one we know the least about after the ev...chairman. His wisdom and carefree attitude were in full show when he sentenced the cr...r he knew that though Yakone "didn't do it during a full moon"...

    663 days ago

  • Legend of Korra Episode 08 - When Extremes Meet

    With things heating up in Republic City, and Lin resigning her post, a new Metalbendin...oodbend, but he can do it without the presence of a full moon. Using this, he beats an...a man named Yakone. He too can Bloodbend without a full moon....

    600 days ago

  • Lady Sif Will Be in Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor Ragnarok may be a while away, but we are getting some news. Jamie Alexander revealed that she will indeed be...onfirmation now rather than waiting for information about it. You can see her full inter...

    986 days ago

  • Hulkbuster Cosplay Roaming NYCC

    Cosplayers go all out on their outfits and props, sometimes putting such incredibly high detail you'll swear it was made by an expert. One guy took that notion to the next level, as they made a 9-foot tall Hulkbuster for NYCC, full stop.

    896 days ago

  • Heroes Reborn Gets Official Trailer

    Heroes Reborn arrived at Comic-Con with a purpose, and boy what a purpose it was! To show off the first full trailer for the series! Check it out below!

    985 days ago

  • Ragdoll

    Thiefs are plentiful in Gotham, but none are like the elusive Ragdoll. A triple joined contortionist, Ragdoll is...takes something very special for Ragdoll to be trapped, and Batman knows that full well....

    906 days ago

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