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  • I Think Ben Affleck Will Do Fine As Batman

    I'll admit it, when I heard Ben Affleck was going to be the next Batman, I went nuts. And not in the good way. BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN?!?!?!? COME ON!!! But...time went, and Affleck himself talked about why he did the role. Or more accurately, why he accepted the role. He was apparently as scared ...

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    964 days ago

  • The Mythology Of Batman

    Batman is everywhere, and it's great most of the time. But depending on who you are, you're only exposed to certain parts of the Dark Knight's Mythology. I grew up on Batman: TAS, but the subsequent shows and movies. I also played some of his video games. However, I never read his comics until I...

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    967 days ago

  • Is There A Definitive Batman?

    Let's be honest, when it comes to certain characters, we like to think there's a standard for how they should be portrayed. This can apply to movies, television, video games, and more. With a character like Batman, who was done all that and more, it can be hard to nail down one "definitive" ...

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    965 days ago

  • The Dark Knight III: The Master Race Revealed

    While it may not be a surprise that DC went back to the classic Dark Knight books and decided to end the series with a true third novel, it is interesting to see just how far they're going to make sure that this is not only a classic, but pays tribute to Batman himself. The official title for th...

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    962 days ago

  • Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns To Team Up For Batman Solo Film?

    This technically wans't announced at comic-con...yet, but it's totally a part of it. A source is telling Deadline that Ben Affleck (aka the upcoming Batman) is going to be teaming with DC Comics legend Geoff Johns to make a Batman solo film, one that Affleck with direct! The two will team up to w...

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    962 days ago

  • Batman To Meet Ninja Turtles In New Miniseries!

    Some crossovers are meant to be fan dreams only. And for good reason, because in this day and age, where rights and loyalties aren't always clear? It can get messy. But for many one crossover that no one thought would happen is Batman meeting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...until SDCC happene...

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    961 days ago

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