Johnny T.

Johnny T.

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STATUS: Recurring Character
FIRST APPEARANCE: "Introducing: Johnny T."

Johnny T. is a toad that lives in new york, He is the cousin of Fafa, one of the main characters of the popular YouTube series Glove and Boots. He has a new yorkish accent, and is very fond of garlic knots. He also hate Steven Seagal and has a car horn that plays the Godfather theme. He first appeared in the episode "Introducing: Johnny T.," where he tries to help Mario and Fafa with the blog, by making Fafa teach us about garlic knots, and by making a Top 10 list: The Top 10 Things Worse than Steven Seagal. He later makes an apperance in "The Hero's Journey" as all of the characters Mario and Fafa describe in a story. "This guy's a real piece of [CENSORED]." He eventually had his own episode, entitled "Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips," where he gives advice about going to his hometown, NEW YOOOOOORK, NEW YOOOOOOOOOORK!. He later has more episodes like this, where he gives tips about attending the Super Bowl, and going on a New York Subway (no, not the food chain Subway, Mario and Fafa later explain that they hate Subway in a comment responds video). He later makes an appearence in the episode "Levels of Trolling," as a guy who's getting prank called in 1989, a guy booing in a crowd of gorrillas, a guy who believes a story about aliens, and as a greek warrior getting hit by multiple arrows. He later make another appearence in the episode "Fix Your Grammar," where he appeared wanting to be a grammar nazi (no joke). He is later dissapointed, and joins the video anyway.

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