The Pizzas

The Pizzas

STATUS: Secondary Characters
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Steven's Lion” (Kiki and Kofi Pizza), “Lars and the Cool Kids” (Jenny Pizza), “Beach Party” (Nanefua Pizza)
VOICE ACTOR: Godfrey C. Danchimah (Kofi Pizza), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Jenny and Kiki Pizza), Toks Olagundoye (Nanefua Pizza)

With a last name like "Pizza", you don't have much of a choice but to work in a pizzeria. Headed by patriarch Kofi Pizza, the Fish Stew Pizza restaurant is the place to be in Beach City for all your flatbread needs. The Pizzas have a pragmatic rivalry with the Frymans, both sides vowing not to intrude on their respective meals after they teamed up to take down a buffet restaurant years back.

Kofi Pizza: The patriarch of the Pizza family is an exceedingly stern and angry man. He throws tempers at the drop of a hat the minute something is wrong and is just as quick to discipline his daughters. His big debut occurred when the Crystal Gems accidentally destroyed his restaurant's logo. The Gems refused to help (they had bigger things in mind), causing him to ban Steven and the Crystal Gems from his restaurant. Unable to live without pizza, Steven tries to negotiate peace between the Pizza family and the Crystal Gems. The two group eventually worked together to fight off a Corrupted Gem, an act that managed to subside even Kofi's stern personality.

Jenny Pizza: Kofi's daughter and Kiki's twin sister, Jenny is a lively, sociable teenager who hangs out with the "Cool Kids." She has a tendency to shirk responsibility, leaving Kiki to often pull double duty. Jenny has a bad habit of pushing people into taking risks that turn out to be much more dangerous than she anticipated, but is otherwise a chill girl. She's nice once you get to know her and in spite of their clashing personalities, she and Kiki got each other's backs. 

Kiki Pizza: Unlike her sister Jenny, Kiki is a quiet, studious young lady. She's often hard at work at Fish Stew Pizza, sometimes with little choice because she's often stuck covering her sister's shifts! Kiki has an unfortunate tendency to be a doormat and when Jenny sidesteps her duties one too many times, Kiki stressed out, suffering nightmares that only rescinded when she gained the courage to confront her sister for slacking off. Fortunately Jenny understood and for once, Kiki got to have a day off to do something she loved: running.

Nanefua Pizza: It's a bit bonkers to think Nanefua is Kofi's mother. Unlike her son, she's an incredibly calm, happy person. While Kofi can be akin to a violent thunderstorm, Nanefua is a calm ocean; a comical womann who quips on the fly. She's pretty gung-ho, too. When a Corrupted Gem interrupted a beach party between the Pizzas and the Crystal Gems, Nanefua was the first of the Pizza family to distract the beast until the Crystal Gems took cared of the rest. Don't mess with granny!

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