Pokemon GO - No. 190 - Aipom

Pokemon GO - No. 190 - Aipom

"Its tail is so powerful that it can use it to grab a tree branch and hold itself up in the air."

Sometimes Pokemon are very much like their real life counterparts...but with a twist or two. For Aipom, that's definitely the case. As this is very much a monkey, but with a tail that has a hand at the end! In fact, that tail is how Aipom does many of its attacks. Including Double-Slap. In the anime, Ash caught Aipom, and had him for a while before trading it with his companion May, who used Aipom for Pokemon Contests.

Basic Attacks are Scratch and Astonish, while its Special Attacks are Aerial Ace, Swift and Low Sweep.

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Updated 08/13/2017 By Todd Black in the fan site Pokemon - The Series!


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