Pokemon GO - No. 126 - Magmar

Pokemon GO - No. 126 - Magmar

"In battle, Magmar blows out intensely hot flames from all over its body to intimidate its opponent. This Pokémon's fiery bursts create heat waves that ignite grass and trees in its surroundings."

Magmar is another of the Gen I Pokemon that has had a loyal following because of its epic look. And yet, the team at Game Freak felt they needed to build upon it with a pre-evolved and pure evolution form. However, Magmar has had memorable moment on its own, including being one of the Pokemon used by Gym Leader Blane on Cinnabar Island. And in the anime, Magmar vs. Charizard was one epic battle.

Magmar's Basic Attack is Ember, and its Special Attack is Flamethrower.

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