Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 11: The Black Paladin

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 11: The Black Paladin

The team struggles in the wake of losing Allura, and argue amongst themselves as to what the next move of their should be. Eventually, they refocus, and begin to think of a way to save Allura. She meanwhile, is brought before Zarkon himself. Who proclaims that once he has Voltron, he'll have access to unlimited power.

Team Voltron readies a plan to get Allura, the only catch being that they'll only be able to get to where they need to go, but unless they get back Allura, they won't be able to leave.  Zarkon readies his own fleet, preparing for the inevitable rescue attempt.

Voltron is formed, but once they are seen, Zarkon creates an energy field to trap them in with his fleet. They engage the enemy, and are able to wipe out many of the ships, but as they approach Zaron's mother ship, they are stopped by Haggar's magic. It's so strong it actually separates Voltron. They continue to fight, but the Black Lion is captured, and Shiro is ejected from it.


Shiro goes after the Lion, and Keith temporarily frees it from Zarkon's control. The rest go after Allura, while Caran holds off the fleet in the castle ship.

Zarkon heads to the Black Lion, Keith tries to stop him, but is knocked away, only for Zarkon to reveal he's the original Paladin of the Black Lion, even showing his weapon as proof.

Hunk meanwhile locates Allura, but upon rescue, she commands that they save Shiro. Who is fighting against Haggar, and losing. Keith keeps trying to take down Zarkon, but his power is too great to fight. However, he unlocks a new power with the Red Lion, and turns the tides. But even then, it's not enough to stop Zarkon.

Hunk and Allura save Shiro from Haggar, and are able to get him back in the Black Lion in time to save Keith from Zarkon.

The team is unable to jump within the barrier the Zarkon have set up, but a traitor from within the Galra base allows them to jump. Before they can though, Haggar compromises it. Because of this, they have no control over where they go. And as they tumble through, the Lions get separated, and get launched into different parts of space.

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