Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 6 - Imprisoned

Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 6 - Imprisoned

Aang and crew are discussing dinner when they feel the earth move, they find that a young man is Earthbending nearby. As they try to approach him though, he runs away, much to their surprise. Later on, they arrive in a small village, and are delighted to see the young man from before again. They ask why he fled from them, and notes that their town is controlled by the Fire Nation, and that any who Earthbend are taken away to a special prison. The young man, Haru, also states that his father is one of the prisoners.

Later on, an elderly man gets hurt by an avalanche, and Haru uses his Earthbending to save him, but later on, the old man betrays him by reporting him to the Fire Nation, making him be put in prison. Outraged, Katara gets the others to help her "fake Earthbend" so that they can find the prison they are holding the Earthbenders at and try to free them. After doing so, they're surprised to find that the prison is in the middle of the ocean on a floating platform, meaning that was no Earth for them to bend.

Katara finds Haru and his father Tyro, and tries to convince them that they need to try and escape. But she is dismayed when Tyro bascially states that there is no hope of escape. Despite her efforts, she fails to convince them otherwise.

After talking with Sokka and Aang, they realize there may be a way to help them. The plant was running off of coal, which in and of itself is an earthly element. So they rig the place to spit out the coal right in front of the Earthbenders. Katara proclaims the time is now to fight...but they don't. The warden notes that their spirit was broken long ago.

As he makes to leave though, they begin to fight back. And united, they defeat all the Fire Nation soldiers, then steal their ships.

As they leave, Katara notices that her necklace is gone. On the prison deck, Zuko finds it, takes it, and leaves.

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