Voltron Legendary Defender - Coran - The Advisor

Voltron Legendary Defender - Coran - The Advisor

Allura was not alone in her cryogenic sleep, for with her was her fathers trusted advisor Coran. While technically a goof, and often not fully grasping certain things, he is quite knowledgable. In fact, he acts as a mechanic at times for the Castle of Lions.

Not only that, he's intelligence expands to many aspects of the universe. Including many species and beings that live throughout it. When the Castle of Lions lost a major power source, it was Coran who knew where to get one, as well as how to save the entity who held it, the Balmeran.

Despite his quirky nature, Coran is actually quite compassionate. When it was discovered that the Balmeran was being ravaged by the Galra empire, the heartbreak within Coran was evident. Especially when he revealed that it was his grandfather that taught him all about the Balmeran and the balance in the universe that's needed to keep life alive.

Coran is one of the biggest comedy reliefs on the show, but he's also a very honest guy, making him a perfect fit on the team.

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