Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 5 - The King Of Omashu

Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 5 - The King Of Omashu

Continuing his world hoping tour, Aang brings Katara and Sokka to the first city of the Earth Kingdom, Omashu. A place where, when he was from his own time, he used to have fun with his friend Bumi. A "mad genius" as he refers to him.

After gaining access to the city, they take a "ride" down the messenger chutes. Which goes well, until things start getting destroyed. They are taken in by the police and are brought before the king of Omashu. The king is clearly mad, but also crazy like a fox, and he quickly discerns who Aang is. As such, as "punishment", they're detained, and both Katara and Sokka are given a very special rock that grows rapidly, and will eventually cover them completely if Aang doesn't complete three challenges.

The first is to retrieve a key from a waterfall. Though it takes a few tries, he gets it. Then, the king asks Aang to retrieve his pet, which he realizes is a giant beast. Finally, he has to face someone in a duel, Aang picks the king, mainly because he think he's frail. But as the king reveals, "i'm the toughest Earthbender you'll ever meet".

The duel goes on for a while, but Aang does win. Prompting one challenge to go, guessing the kings name. Aang realizes that the king is in fact his old friend Bumi.

They reminisce about the old days, but Bumi also reaffirms Aang's destiny is to learn the other elements and stop Ozai. With that, he wishes them well on their way...after revealing that Katara and Sokka weren't in real danger, and that the "rock" was actually rock candy. Mad genius.

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