Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 08: Rebirth

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 01 Episode 08: Rebirth

The ship shell opens, and organic mech is revealed, one very different than the one from a few episodes back. The team tries to get its fire away from the Balmera itself. The mech is strong, and even after disbanding to get a numbers advantage, the mech reveals it can shoot multiple targets at once.

It continually attacks both the Lions and the Castle Ship, and it drains all the power of the castle shields. Shiro orders a retreat on both fronts. With the castle going into the sky, and the Lions going underground.

As they try to regroup, the Balmera begins to die, and if it does, the Balmerans will die. Allura orders an evacuation of the planet, with Allura herself leading it. The Lions will provide a distraction while the evacuation happens. She descends to the planet, but then finds out that all Balmerans refuse to leave the planet. Allura doesn't accept this, and decides to persuade them to leave. She does so, and the evacuation begins.


However, as they try to get to the surface, the planet begins to corrode even further, trapping all the Balmerans. Caran and Allura realize that both her and the ship can heal the planet, and thus they begin a ceremony to refill the quintessence of the planet.

As the Lions continue their attack, Hunk realizes that the Yellow Lion may have a weapon that could help destroy all the laser eyes on the mech. Once they reform Voltron, they get a massive cannon that also shoots as a scattershot. They disable the mechs lasers in one hit.

The ceremony continues, and the planets energy begins to replenish, the mech however is not defeated and strikes back. The team defeats it, and at the same time, the ceremony finishes as well. The Balmera lives, and so does the mech apparently. But the Balmera finishes it off for good.

With the planet reborn, the Balmerans are able to reach the surface for the first time, Hunk and Shea watch as a new day dawns.

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