Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance:
"Ricksy Business"
Voice Actor: Alejandra Gollas

Jerry has all the luck, doesn't he? All he wanted was a romantic getaway with his wife, Beth, in the Titanic-themed park (specifically a Titanic-themed park based on the 1997 movie.) Beth does not share her husband's love for the ship or the film, so when they arrive, she opts out at the last minute for some alone time. Beth pushes one of the employees in his direction to substitute for her.

Fortunately Lucy is an enthusiastic Titanic junkie, so she and Jerry hit it off right away. They gab about their interest and recreate famous scenes from the movie that Jack and Rose did (though platonic), eventually awaiting for the inevitable iceberg reenactment. When malfunctions prevent that from happening, Lucy uses this distraction to lure Jerry into the ship's garage. It's there that Lucy shows her true colors, wanting desperately to recreate the infamous scene where Jack draws Rose in an erotic pose and then consummate afterwards. Jerry wants no part of this, but Lucy threatens him by gun point. At the last minute, Beth arrives and knocks Lucy out, saving her husband.

To make up for Lucy's inappropriate harassment, the Titanic theme park crew hands Jerry a bunch of replica and merchandise. As they drive home, Lucy hitches to the underside of the car, but barely makes it five seconds before she falls off, causing her horrible pain.

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