Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 4 - The Warriors Of Kyoshi

Avatar - The Last Airbender - Episode 4 - The Warriors Of Kyoshi

Aang continues to guide Katara and Sokka around the world in order to have fun adventures, more or less missing the point about becoming the Avatar and needing to reach the North Pole. In an attempt to impress Katara, Aang guides them to an island that has massive fish they can ride. After getting attacked by a giant eel they land on the island to get away from it, and are immediately captured by female warriors, who Sokka scoffs at.

These are the Warriors of Kyoshi, a pack of fighters who dress and fight in honor of a former Avatar named Kyoshi who helped give the island they are on independence. Thus dubbing it Kyoshi Island. Once Aang reveals he is the Avatar, the town celebrates and begins to worship him, especially all the young females on the island.

Sokka meanwhile begrudgingly swallows his pride and begins to be trained by the Kyoshi warriors, slowly shifting his attitude and picking up some skills along the way.

Unbeknownst to them, Zuko has heard of their arrival on Kyoshi Island, and sets out for it. The moment he arrives, he begins to visciously attack the village, setting many of its homes on fire. The Kyoshi warriors fight back, and delay them long enough so Aang and the others can escape.

As they begin to though, Aang feels regret for letting their homes burn, so he hopes into the water, and rides the giant eel back to the village and has it spray everything with water to quench the fires. Then he races away on Appa, leaving Zuko in a wet fuming mood.

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