DC Announces Three Huge Animated Films

DC Announces Three Huge Animated Films

After showing off Justice League: Gods and Men, Bruce Timm and the DC Animated team revealed three new animated films that were on the way.

First off is the Killing Joke, based on one of the most impact stories in the Batman's long history. Where Barbara Gordon was shot by Joker, and Gordon was forced to endure torture by Joker to try and break him.

Then, there's:

"Batman: Bad Blood" -- An original Batman story that features the introduction of Batwoman to the new line of animated films.

"Justice League vs. Titans" -- Another original story and the first of the DC Universe Original Movies to feature the Teen Titans.

These all sound amazing! Will they hold up though? We'll have to wait and find out.

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Updated 07/11/2015 By Todd Black in the fan site San Diego Comic Con


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