Suicide Squad Trailer Details!

Suicide Squad Trailer Details!

Sorry, no footage for this one! But, at an SDCC panel, DC showed off completed footage of Suicide Squad! Many sites have detailed what they saw, here's one take on it!

“The Squad footage starts with Amanda Waller talking about the criminals she has caught. These are the worst of the worst and when she locked them up and threw them in a hole, Waller then threw away the hole. We see some heavily suited guards as they approach a cage in the middle of an empty room that contains Harley Quinn as she uses the top of the cage to perform some very flexible exercises. As Waller’s voice over continues, we see flashes of each of the villains in their lives before they became part of Waller’s collection. Turns out, Waller’s main argument in using the baddies to fight evil is that if the bad guys are doing the black ops work, any collateral damage can’t be pinned on the good guys. We see Diablo as fire rises from his hands, Boomerang walking down a corridor looking pretty tough, Killer Croc being wheeled into a room, Hannibal Lector style, complete with mouth mask, Deathstroke before he was injured, and Harley as she cracks a couple of jokes. The money shot here is the closing scene, in which we see Leto’s Joker as he is preparing to hurt someone “really, really bad”, possibly while the victim is in a dentists’ chair.”

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Updated 07/11/2015 By Todd Black in the fan site San Diego Comic Con


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