Character Guide: Link

Character Guide: Link

The star of the storied The Legend of Zelda game series and one of the original 12 fighters, Link contends with Shulk for the most versatile swordsman on the Smash Bros roster. His weight and power are relatively average, but unlike his peers he has many tools for harassing opponents and keeping them at bay.

Link is also blessed with good recovery skills, and won't be easily knocked off stage. At close range Link can also be devastating in the hands of an aggressive player, capable of striking hard from any direction with the master sword.

Link has a much faster and lighter analogue in Toon Link, who naturally shares many of his moves with slight differences. Which one is "best" really comes down to personal preference and play style, which is a testament to the high degree of balance present in Smash Bros.

This page is a work in progress. Stay tuned for more about Link!

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Updated 03/17/2015 By Todd DuBois in the fan site The Super Smash Bros Arena


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