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The Emoji Movie Cannot Be Stopped

by on May 16, 2017

Today the big trailer for Sony’s Emoji Movie was unveiled during a special nautical event at the Cannes Film Festival. A big pier in front of the historic Carlton Hotel was decked out with emoji-related decorations and people dancing around in round yellow costumes. T.J. Miller, who voices one of the main characters, parachuted onto the stage (well, he attempted to hit that mark, but didn’t make it). The press in attendance was then introduced one by one to characters with names like Pizza, Doughnut and Lips.

The big question here is: is there a demand for a movie based entirely around yellow faces that appear in text messages? I wouldn’t know, and neither would you…presumably this is meant to generate money from that portion of the US viewing audience we don’t understand; the kind that drove Fuller House to three seasons. I have no idea what they think of it. The closest source of opinion would be from my own mother, and already I know the response I would get if I asked her: “What’s an emoji?”

The Emoji Movie opens July 28 in America. As we grow closer to that date, you can expect to be drowned in Emoji Movie advertising and product tie-ins, especially if you watch Cartoon Network. Whether you choose to view the below trailer or not, you WILL be familiar with all the slapstick gags by summer’s middle.

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