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Eddie Lawrence, Comedian and Actor, 1919 – 2014

by on March 31, 2014

Actor and comedian Eddie Lawrence passed away on March 25, 2014, at the age of 95. Lawrence was best known for his “Old Philosopher” routine, where he would alternate increasingly outlandish fictional troubles with a clichéd refrain to carry on regardless. The character gave Lawrence (and numerous imitators) a framework for comedy sketches and commercials that spun infinite variations on the theme.

In addition to the Old Philosopher, Lawrence spent four years as the principal writer and voice actor for cartoons from the Paramount studios from 1961 to 1965. His cartoon voiceover career began as Paramount animation director Seymour Kneitel asked Lawrence to adapt his “Abner the Baseball” routine. The resulting short was the springboard for numerous other cartoon shorts, some of which adapted other comedy routines Lawrence did and some of which evolved into the Swifty and Shorty series of short films.

(via Mark Evanier’s weblog)

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