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"Dragonball GT" Lost Episodes "Convicted" of Teh Suck

by on April 15, 2005

Dragon Ball GT: The Lost Episodes Volume 4 “Conviction”

Episodes included in this disc:
Episode 10: Dance And Attack
Episode 11: Lord Luud’s Curse
Episode 12: The Last Oracle Of Luud

On their intergalactic quest for the Black Star dragon balls, Goku, Trunks, and Pan have run into the Para Para Brothers, a trio of rap-happy villains intent on stealing the gang’s balls. As the trio of good Saiyans track down the Para Para Bros., they run into the evil Cult of Lord Luud. If they can’t stop this cult, they’ll never get all the dragon balls and end up as dolls in a freak’s collection.

In case you hadn’t heard, FUNimation initially skipped the first dozen or so episodes of Dragon Ball GT because they felt they were weak and thematically inconsistent with the rest of the series. Toei had started off by mixing Dragon Ball-style humor and adventure with Dragon Ball Z-style fighting, with horrendous results. As controversial as this probably sounds, FUNimation did the right thing by skipping these.

Dragon Ball GT is very hit-or-miss. The Super Android 17 Saga was easily the greatest part of the series, balancing action with heart. But this first part is easily the worst. When Toei decided to inject “classic” humor and adventure into the series, they forgot one important part: making it fun to watch. Dragon Ball never reached the levels of popularity of Dragon Ball Z for this very reason. Add in the fact that AKira Toriyama, the creator of the story, had minimal input on Dragon Ball GT‘s story, and you really just begin to not care about the show.

I will say, in the Lost Episodes’ defense, “Dance And Attack” has got to be one of the most out there episodes in the entire franchise. The power of the Para Para Bros. is to force their opponents into dancing themselves to death with their mad beats. And since these episodes are nearly a decade old and from Japan, their concpt of rap differs slightly from what we’re accustomed to, with unintentially humorous results.

The rest of the disc is incredibly forgettable, outside of some awkward moments. Why don’t Trunks and Goku go Super Saiyan as soon as they can, to easily defeat the foes and save us the time of watching them strain against the weight of some pyramid? Dolltaki, Lord Luud’s right hand man, is slightly disturbing, given that he wants to undress the Scrappy Doo, er, Pan doll as quickly as possible.

The worst part is that you just don’t care what happens to the characters at this point. You know that, in a pinch, Goku could probably blow up the planet by looking at it, so there’s no real sense of danger. Pan is so annoying that you even hope she gets killed somewhere in the plot. There also always is the fact that, since we’ve seen the rest of the series before this, we sort of know the outcome. The Titanic sinks, Bruce Willis is dead, Rosebud is the sleigh, and they’ll get all the Black Star Dragon Balls together.

And it’s not as if the extras make up for a poor selection of episodes. Character profiles, textless song (which is the standard intro), and trailers should not even be called “extras”.

Unless you’re a real big completionist, bail on this disc. There are much better Dragon Ball GT discs out there.

Unless you like bad rap. In that case go for it.

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