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DC Publishing New Reinventions Of Classic Hanna-Barbera Characters


Look out, cartoon traditionalists: DC is about to revise and revamp the most beloved cartoons of the Baby Boomer generation for the 21st century. The results have been published by Entertainment Weekly, and……If there was ever a time for George Takei to walk into the room and utter his deepest, bellowing “Oh MYYYYYYY,” it’s now.


Results range from pretty cool to pretty nauseating. I’ve put the worst one up first for the sake of shock-clicks; this is what Jim Lee thinks it takes to make Scooby-Doo appealing to a modern audience (never mind that versions of the cartoon are still being made and enjoyed, with barely anything about the characters altered). Shaggy has been very explicitly changed from a hippie to a hipster, Velma is controlling a drone, and Scooby has been mutilated into some kind of cyborg now. What, no hoverboards? We can’t see their feet; maybe they’re there.


This one sorta works. Of course it does, because Amanda Conner drew it, and she’s no fool.


And this is even better: a Darwyn Cooke take on Jonny Quest, with the added bonus of tons of H-B superheroes. Who wouldn’t love this?


You know what’s REALLY great about a Mad Max take on Wacky Races? It’s drawn by the same guy who designed the vehicles in Fury Road! It’s not a bad lineup overall, but when we get to that Scooby book…..yeesh.

An interview with Jim Lee and DC president Dan DiDio, where they discuss these new titles and what inspired them, can be read on EW.com here.

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  1. From what I can see, that Scooby-Doo reinvention might as well be titled  "ruined" if the artwork is anything to go by – not bad art, but too different from the original, I'd say. Interesting that"Future Quest" includes my favourites The Impossibles – they definately DON'T need "reinventing"  (I don't think any of the titles do)! and "reboot" so often just means people with little or no idea trying to be clever and failing miserably. I don't want The Impossibles turning fashionably "dark and gritty", or whatever – I don't want drastic changes in their appearance, and I don't even want an origin story for them, or to know their birth names – I like that these are a mystery, and would prefer they stayed that way, (although I actually would quite like the origins of their villains)! I certainly don't want various family members with the same powers crawling out of the woodwork! And it looks like the artist, (who was no doubt very well paid), has forgotton to add Multi Man's cape – yes, it was left out in error in the odd frame in the cartoons,  but this is promo art, for goodness sake!!!!!!