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Does Darkwing Duck Really Take Place In An “Alternate Universe?” Here’s What We Know

by on September 12, 2016

Darkwing Duck turns 25 this month  One thing not every fan may know is that the show started development as a spinoff of DuckTales called “Double-O Duck,” and though this was no longer the case when it aired, remnants of the connection still exist in the final product, Launchpad the most obvious one.

So it’s been assumed by most fans that St. Canard and Duckburg are connected and exist in the same universe. In a new interview with EW, Tad burst a lot of bubbles by revealing it wasn’t true. “Because Launchpad appeared in DuckTales and we used Roboduck (Gizmoduck’s original name) as the Superman character, the hero who gets all the glory as opposed to Darkwing, fans try to connect the two realities. They are two different universes in my book. We work in the alternate Duckiverse.”

What makes this more confusing is that the website Oh My Disney published another interview with Stones today where he talks about the DuckTales-Darkwing connection and says no such thing. “Launchpad was in the back of my head because it started with him, but there was no direct connection. It’s always that thing that you need somebody close for the hero to talk to. We reinvented the character, because on DuckTales he crashed all the time and by the time he gets to St. Canard [in Darkwing Duck], he’s an ace pilot. We also pulled Gizmoduck to be our superhero character. So there’s a connection to that.”

Is Tad contradicting himself, or is there a Nega-Tad out there running amok? Our theory is the latter.

Tad has been bombarded with questions on Twitter ever since. Since Launchpad actually mentioned on Darkwing Duck that he worked for Scrooge in the past, shouldn’t that mean it still happened? “I’ve never said Scrooge didn’t exist in DW’s world,” Tad said. “No contradiction. An alternate universe does not preclude alternate versions of DuckTales characters.”

Mmmm…okay, this is getting confusing. So how much of DuckTales happened in this “alternate universe” and how much didn’t? I asked Tad this loaded question on Twitter. His reply: “All the DuckTales stories happened in the DuckTales universe. All DWD stories in DWD. For now.”

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