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Cuphead Is Looking Snazzy

by on June 9, 2016

It must be close to E3 if we’re getting another look at Cuphead. The stylized platformer-shooter has been present during the last two Electronic Entertainment Expos and is now going for a third. This time, however, developer StudioMDHR is promising the press Cuphead is almost done and WILL come out later this year.

Such a game couldn’t have been easy to make. There have been many attempts to replicate the look of animation in a video game, but none so ambitious or accurate. Cuphead is truly like playing a 1930’s animated short — a very hard, punishing animated short. IGN got to take the latest build for a spin prior to E3. Here’s the video footage they captured:

The period-specific jazz soundtrack is superb. Cuphead will be out later this year for XBox One and PC. If we get a more specific release date during E3, we’ll pass on the word.

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