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***April 1999***
April 17

April 15

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  • Updated Kids WB Schedules through April 17. Note, the Final New Episode of Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain airs THIS WEEKEND on the Big Cartoonie Show
  • April 05 ***March 1999***

    March 30

  • Updated Cartoon Network schedules through April 4. This should have also been mentioned earlier, but... Scooby Doo & Superfriends listings won't be listed here anymore. My source stopped listing them. If I can find another source for the schedules, they will be back, but that won't happen until I've gotten school taken care of.
  • Updated Kids' WB Schedules through April 10.
  • This update would have been posted yesterday, however I've been busy with schoolwork lately.

    March 27

  • Just some minor layout changes tonite, mainly trying to figure out how to use my new HTML editor. I may toy around with the features and some interesting doodads in over the next few weeks... however, chances are they may only be for IE users... I'll see what I can do for Netscape users.
  • Updated Kids' WB Schedules up through April 3.
  • Also added a little "shop" on the bottom of this page, there are links to CDNow and Amazon.Com, feel free to browse their pages, buy a book, CD, or video and help support my pages!
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    December 31 -- One last update for 1998

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