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Super Friends 
Season 1 (1973 - 1974) 
01 The Power Pirate
02 The Baffles Puzzle
03 Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.
04 The Weather Maker
05 Dr. Pelagrin's War
06 The Shamen U
07 Too Hot To Handle
08 The Androids
09 The Balloon People
10 The Fantastic Frerps
11 The Ultra Beam
12 The Menace of the White Dwarf
13 The Mysterious Moles
14 Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
15 The Planet-Splitter
16 The Watermen
The All New Superfriends Hour  
Season 2 (1977 - 1978)  
17 Invasion of the Earthors
18 City in a Bottle
19 Will The World Collide
20 Day of the Plant Creators
21 Voyage of the Mysterious Time Creatures
22 The Mind Maidens
23 The Coming of the Arthropods
24 Exploration Earth
25 The Lion Men
26 The Tiny World of Terror
27 The Mummy of Nazca
28 The Ghost
29 Planet of the Neanderthals
30 The Water Beast 
31 Sinbad and the Space Pirates
32 Rokan: Enemy from Space
33 Battle at the Earth's Core
34 Attack of the Vampire
35 The Anti-Matter Monster
36 The Beasts Are Coming
37 World Beneath the Ice
38 The Pied Piper of Space
39 The Demons of Exxor
40 Terror from the Phantom Zone
41 The Whirlpool
42 Super Friends vs. Super Friends
1977 Shorts 
A01 Cheating
A02 Drag Race
A03 The Runaways 
A04 Predjudice
A05 Hitchike
A06 The Stowaways
A07 Game of Chicken
A08 Initiation
A09 Tiger on the Loose
A10 Pressure Point
A11 Handicap
A12 Joy Ride
A13 Dangerous Prank
A14 The Monster of Dr. Droid
A15 The Energy Mass
A16 The Marsh Monster
A17 Alaska Peril
A18 Space Emergency
A19 Doctor Fright
A20 The Man-Beasts of Xra
A21 The Antidote
A22 Frozen Peril
A23 The Brain Machine
A24 The Enforcer
A25 Attack of the Killer Bees
A26 Volcano
A27 Rampage
A28 Attack of the Giant Squid
A29 The Secret Four
A30 Tibetan Raiders
A31 The Protector
A32 Invisible Menace
A33 River of Doom
A34 Time Rescue
A35 Forbidden Power
A36 Cable Car Rescue
A37 Invasion of the Hydranoids
A38 Fire 
A39 The Fifty Foot Woman
A40 The Day of the Rats
Challenge of the SuperFriends 
Season 3 (1978 - 1979) 
43 Wanted: The Superfriends
44 Invasion of the Fearians
45 The World's Deadliest Game
46 The Time Trap
47 Trial of the Superfriends
48 The Monolith of Evil
49 Secret Origins of the Superfriends
50 The Giants of Doom
51 Revenge on Gorilla City
52 Swamp of the Living Dead
53 Conquerors of the Future
54 The Final Challenge
55 Fairy Tale of Doom
56 Doomsday
57 Superfriends: Rest in Peace
58 History of Doom
The World's Greatest Superfriends 
Season 4 (1979 - 1980) 
59 Rub Three Times for Disaster
60 Lex Luthor Strikes Back
61 Space Knights of Camelon
62 The Lord of Middle Earth
63 Universe of Evil
64 Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
65 The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
66 The Planet of Oz
1980 Shorts 
B01 Yuna the Terrible
B02 Haunted House
B03 Termites from Venus
B04 Revenge of Bizarro
B05 One Small Step for Mars
B06 The Make-Up Monster
B07 Rock & Roll Space Bandits
B08 The Incredible Crude Oil Monster
B09 The Killer Machines
B10 Dive to Danger
B11 The Man in the Moon
B12 Elevator to Nowhere
B13 Journey into Blackness
B14 Invasion of the Gleeks
B15 Circus of Horrors
B16 Cycle Gang
B17 Return of Atlantis
B18 Voodoo Vampire
B19 Around The World In 80 Riddles
B20 The Ice Demon 
B21 Big Foot
B22 Garden of Doom
1981 Shorts 
C01 The Warlord's Amulet
C02 Mxyzptlk's Flick
C03 Alien Mummy
C04 Sink Hole
C05 The Witch's Arcade
C06 Palette's Perils
C07 The Lava Men
C08 Stowaways from Space
C09 The Creature from the Dump
C10 Colossus
C11 Bizarroworld
C12 The Iron Cyclops
C13 Three Wishes
C14 The Scaraghosta Sea
C15 The Aircraft Terror
C16 The Evil from Krypton
C17 Scorpio
1983 Shorts 
D01 An Unexpected Treasure
D02 Invasion of the Space Dolls
D03 Once Upon a Poltergeist
D04 Mxyzptlk's Revenge
D05 Day of the Dinosaurs
D06 Prisoners of Sleep
D07 Video Victims
D08 Return of the Phantoms
D09 Outlaws of Orion
D10 Playground of Doom
D11 A Pint of Life
D12 Attack of the Cats
D13 The Recruiter
D14 The Malusian Blob
D15 Bully for You
D16 Revenge of Doom
D17 Terror on the Titanic
D18 One Small Step for Superman
D19 Space Racers
D20 Roller Coaster
D21 Warpland
D22 The Krypton Syndrome
D23 Superclones
D24 Two Gleeks are Deadlier than One
D25 Bulgor the Behemoth
Super Friends - The Legendary Super Powers Show 
Season 5 (1984 - 1985) 
67 The Case of the Dreadful Dolls
68 The Royal Ruse
69 The Village of Lost Souls
70 The Curator
71 Uncle Mxyzptlk
72 Darkseid's Golden Trap (Part 1)
73 Darkseid's Golden Trap (Part 2)
74 Island of the Dinasoids
75 Reflections in Crystal
76 The Bride of Darkseid (Part 1)
77 The Bride of Darkseid (Part 2)
78 Case of the Shrinking Super Friends
79 Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp
80 No Honor Among Super Thieves
81 The Wrath of Braniac
Super Powers Team : Galactic Guardians  
Season  6 (1985-1986) 
82 The Seeds of Doom
83 The Ghostship (short)
84 The Bizarro Super Powers Team (short)
85 The Darkseid Deception
86 The Fear
87 The Wild Cards
88 Brainchild (short)
89 The Case of the Stolen Super Powers (short)
90 The Death of Superman
91 Escape From Space City
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