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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season 5, Episode 9 – Wine Tasting

by on October 3, 2013

Wine tasting party in the OR! Woo-hoo!

Wine tasting party in the OR! Woo-hoo!

Synopsis: The Chief and Val have a “momentary interest” in wine so Sy arranges a wine tasting while Owen agrees to pose as Glenn and volunteers to wear a 3D printer-produced mask of Glenn’s face so Glenn can go golfing.

Details: The Chief and Val are being strangely whiny in reaction to virtually everything Sy does or says to them, so when they profess to have a momentary interest in wine, Sy arranges to host a wine tasting at the hospital to placate them. Meanwhile, Glenn would really like to take a day off for golfing and sitting in a sauna but his shift won’t allow that to happen so he contrives a deal with Owen – Glenn uses a 3D printer to make a mask of his face that Owen can wear and use around the hospital pretending to be him.

Everything seems to be going well at the wine tasting until a kid arrives at the hospital requiring a very specific emergency procedure that only Owen is qualified to perform – but Owen is masquerading as Glenn and has to keep his mouth shut so the next surgeons in line for the operation are Chief and Val, who immediately blame the turn of events as something Sy has concocted to prevent them from enjoying the wine-tasting. To make up for the perceived slight, Sy proposes moving the entire wine-tasting event to the operating room where they can simultaneously have the wine-tasting while working on the patient.

Predictably, Chief and Val proceed to get hammered and lose their ability to perform the surgery and just at this time, the noted critic Leroy Baynter [William Atherton] shows up to assess their wine-tasting. Nurse Dori tries to delay his arrival in the operating room by trying the ol’ boob-out-of-the-scrub distraction, which doesn’t work and Owen must reveal himself by demasking himself in order to save the child patient.

In the end, Owen and Glenn get arrested for impersonating each other – both felonies.

The Poop and Skinny: Owen reveals that he would like to have the face of actress Tilda Swinton.

Glenn’s favorite cheese is a mild cheddar [not a sharp cheddar].

Baynter identies Nurse Dori as having a “hater voice” with a “hater haircut” and wearing a “hater shirt”.

Atherton also famously played the annoying government agency worker, Walter Peck, who tries to shut down the Ghostbusters in the original “Ghostbusters”.

The episode was directed by Timothy Busfield [“thirtysomething”].