Nickelodeon & TeamTo Help Greenlight on ‘Oasis’

by Nobuyuki samaon February 11, 2007
Nickelodeon, French channel TF1 and French animation studio TeamTo have signed on as co-producers of the Korean 3-D animated TV series Oasis, according to Variety. The deal with Nickelodeon was sealed at the KidScreen Summit in New York, which opened February 8. Roughly 70% of the series’ $10.8 million budget is expected to be financed […]

Kirkland/Gordon On ‘Wolverine And The X-Men’

by Stuon February 11, 2007
In a recent post on his blog, X-Men: Evolution character designer and director Steve Gordon announced that he will be serving as a director on the new Wolverine And The X-Men series, which will be produced by Boyd Kirkland. The series will not be in continuity with X-Men: Evolution, and Gordon will not be designing […]

"Speed Grapher" Vol. 5: The Almighty Dollar

by Classic Speedyon February 11, 2007
After a rather lackluster fourth volume, Speed Grapher gets back on track in the fifth volume and heads towards the climax. And as always, major spoilers below. Suitengu was little more than a shallow “evil mastermind” in the series’ first four volumes, but this disc’s “The Reaper and the Nouveau Riche” explains his past in […]

"Speed Grapher" Vol. 4: Over the Hump and Slowing Down

by Classic Speedyon February 11, 2007
I praised the first three volumes of Speed Grapher, but I’m sorry to have to report that the fourth volume doesn’t pack as much punch. The series’ sleazy world has already been heavily established, and we pretty much know that anyone who isn’t Saiga or Kagura is evil, so some tension is gone. I liked […]

Disney’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Trademarks Under Fire, Again

by Nobuyuki samaon February 10, 2007
Stephen Slesinger Inc. (SSI) has fired another shot in their long-running battle against The Walt Disney Company over “Winnie the Pooh” rights by petitioning the U.S. Patent Office to cancel several of Disney’s trademark registrations from A.A. Milne’s classic brand. SSI is petitioning for the cancellation of about 25 Pooh-related names registered by Disney since […]

EM.Entertainment In For a Kabillion

by Nobuyuki samaon February 10, 2007
German-based EM.Entertainment GmbH, a subsidiary of EM.TV AG, has joined as a shareholder with 22.5 percent in the new American video-on-demand platform Kabillion, a joint venture of Taffy Entertainment and REMIX Entertainment, according to a company announcement yesterday. Launched in January 2007, Kabillion’s free television VOD service is available via Comcast’s digital cable Select On […]

‘The Simpsons’ To Launch Line of Video Game Accessories

by Nobuyuki samaon February 10, 2007
Solutions 2 GO Inc., a Canadian-based provider of electronic entertainment products, has reached a deal with 20th Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising to develop a line of video game accessories based on The Simpsons. The accessories are scheduled to hit stores later this spring to coincide with The Simpsons movie release on July 27. The […]

New ‘Toward the Terra’ to TV in Tokyo

by Nobuyuki samaon February 10, 2007
Keiko Takemiya’s classic 1970s science fiction manga “Toward the Terra”, previously adapted in movie form in 1980, is returning in television anime form this April on Mainichi Broadcasting and Tokyo Broadcasting stations. The series is set in the far future, after mankind has fled the polluted Earth to live in computer-regulated space colonies. On the […]

"Fullmetal Alchemist": Shamballa Isn’t Paradise, But It’s Still Glorious

by Dukeon February 10, 2007
When FUNimation brought over Fullmetal Alchemist, I doubt they knew just how huge the series would become. The anime was a huge hit for Adult Swim; the DVDs sold like hotcakes; the manga became a top seller; and the merchandise flew off the shelves. So it was natural that FUNimation would bring over the movie […]

Steve Jobs Approved Backdated Options for Pixar’s Lasseter

by Ed Liuon February 9, 2007
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that John Lasseter was granted back-dated options as part of his contract renewal in 2001. The options were granted at a price from three months before the contract was signed, which also happened to be the lowest price from the prior year. The contract was signed by Pixar CEO […]