“Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms” – Mari Okada and Kenji Horikawa Interview

by Grant Whiteon June 21, 2018
Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms, the directorial debut of Mari Okada, is set to be released in the UK and Ireland on 27th June by P.A. Works in partnership with Anime Limited. Toonzone News had the chance to pose some questions to Okada and the film’s producer/P.A. Works president Kenji Horikawa. (Note- This interview […]

Review: “Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms (UK theatrical release)”

by Grant Whiteon June 21, 2018
Mari Okada has been a prolific script writer for anime for most of the 21st century thus far, her works populated with vivid, firmly realised characters and engaging dialogue. Okada has made little secret of the fact her own complicated life has inspired much of her creative process. Without going too deep myself I can […]

Disney Names Pete Docter to Head Pixar and Jennifer Lee to Head Disney Animation

by slaion June 21, 2018
Via The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has named Pixar animator Pete Docter, of Up and Inside Out fame, to head Pixar Animation Studios and Jennifer Lee, writer of Frozen, to head Walt Disney Animation Studios.  They replace John Lasseter who had headed both studios.  Lasseter had to step down when allegations arose that he had made […]

MTV to Revive Daria

by slaion June 21, 2018
Via Deadline, MTV is creating new shows via their new outlet MTV Studios with content from their library of shows for renewals/revivals/spin-offs.  Besides Aeon Flux, which was announced for a live-action revival, MTV Studios is also planning on reviving Daria as Daria & Jodie. “DARIA & JODIE” (wt) The iconic animated franchise is reinvented through […]

Toonzone @ MCM London May 2018 – “Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory” Screening/Shouji Gatou Q&A

by Grant Whiteon June 21, 2018
On both the Saturday and Sunday of the convention, Shouji Gatou attended panels at which the first dubbed episode (presented by FunimationNow) of Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory was screened. Although the episode was the same for both days, MC Jeremy Graves from Anime Limited presented a Q&A after each screening that were different, with […]

Toonzone @ MCM London May 2018 – Shouji Gatou Interview

by Grant Whiteon June 21, 2018
Shouji Gatou, the creator of works such as Full Metal Panic! and Amagi Brilliant Park was the Anime Guest of Honour for this May’s MCM London Comic Con, primarily to promote FMP’s 4th season ‘Invisible Victory’. Toonzone News was given the chance to pose some questions to the celebrated writer. TOONZONE NEWS: What influences gave […]

gravity falls

Gravity Falls Blu-Ray Bonus Features Announced

by Peter Paltridgeon June 20, 2018
Do you really need convincing to get the Gravity Falls Blu-Ray set next month? Shout Factory is handling the conversion, and they’ve done what they do best, packing the upcoming set with bonuses and behind-the-scenes extras. How cool is all this? Below is Shout’s list of bonus features for the Gravity Falls set, revealed today. […]

The Exorcist: Legion VR – Chapter Four – Samaritan Teaser Trailer

by Alex Beanon June 20, 2018
The teaser trailer for the fourth chapter [entitled “Samaritan”] of  “The Exorcist: Legion VR” has arrived. Let us pray…    

Musynx Brings The Beat To Nintendo Switch

by Peter Paltridgeon June 19, 2018
When is Musynx coming to Nintendo Switch? Behind you — it just arrived when you weren’t looking! What’s the appeal behind the music rhythm game released today? If you’ve never played the phone version — where Musynx got staeted — the game is simple to start yet challenging to master. Bars progress toward you at […]
blazblue: cross tag battle

RWBY’s Yang And Other Characters Join BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

by Peter Paltridgeon June 19, 2018
Who’s coming next to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle? As of today seven new characters have arrived…who did we get? Another RWBY character, Yang Xiao-Long, headlines the latest DLC offerings. For the most part they’ve been split up into two simultaneously-released packs….here’s who you get with each one. Yang Xiao-Long appears to be sold separately. BLAZBLUE: […]